Review Policy

I am currently accepting requests for reviews, but I reserve the right to refuse any review request.

Please email me at and include a synopsis of the book, genre, and publication date.

I read the following genres:

All reviews are cross posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads in addition to appearing on one of my blogs.

I post reviews for all books I read regardless of rating. Here is a description of my rating system.

5 Stars
I loved the book. I will definitely read it again. And I’ll likely tell everyone I know about the book while I’m reading it and soon after finishing it. People who don’t even read, i.e. my husband, will have to listen to me talk ad nauseam about this book for at least a month.

4 Stars
I very much enjoyed the book. I will likely read it again. I will rush out right away and read any sequels. I will recommend it to you if you ask me about it.

3 Stars
I liked the book. It was fine. I won’t likely read it again (unless it’s part of a series, and I need to re-read it before a reading a sequel). I won’t tell you not to read it if you ask, but I wasn’t really impressed by the book.

2 Stars
I didn’t like the book. Something about it rubbed me the wrong way, it was too slow/boring, or maybe I just didn’t like the writing or the plot. If you ask, I will tell you it’s not worth your time.

1 Stars
I hated the book. I probably only finished it because it was a book club pick or I wanted to give it a bad rating. (I don’t rate books that I don’t finish.) Similar to 5 star books, I will tell everyone about this book because I want them to know how awful it is. I will vehemently tell you not to read it.