Things saving my life right now

Mittens and Hat

Today I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share the things that are saving my life right now. It’s been pretty cold in Wisconsin, but I’m making it through and staying on track thanks to these things.

6 things that are making my life better

1. Fuzzy mittens (and a hat)

Jim bought me these mittens many years ago, and I hardly ever wore them until this winter. I now drive an electric car, which doesn’t allow me to run the heat. (More on that in a future post.) But having mittens that keep my hands warm are KEY to not crying every morning and afternoon when I drive to and from work. Seriously.

2. Peppermint tea

I usually hate peppermint flavored things, but since I have given up caffeine once again, this herbal tea is the perfect thing to warm me up and get a fresh taste into my mouth. It helps me curb my hunger as well, and I drink it many times throughout the day.

Laptop at Library

3. The library (or maybe Christopher’s baseball practices)

I have been going to the library every Tuesday night and Saturday morning while Christopher has baseball practice (indoors). It’s the perfect time to do my blogging, and it’s really been helping me keep on track with my posting over the last month.

And of course the library is always saving me from having to actually buy books, which I love!

4. Podcasts

I have been listening to a lot more podcasts this year because they’re the perfect thing for while I’m working. I don’t have to listen as intently as I do to audiobooks, and they help me stay focused when I have mundane tasks to do around at work. I’ll share my recent favorites with you in a few weeks.

5. Meal Planning

I started planning meals out for the whole month when I was doing Whole30 last year, and while I slacked off in December, I am back at it this year. It helps a lot with weekly grocery shopping and making sure we’re eating healthier meals instead of the quick fixes – frozen pizza, etc.


6. My new boots

I had a different pair of boots on my list from last winter, but I had to get rid of those because they hurt my back (no arch support). For Christmas I asked Jim to buy me Timberlands. I’d always wanted a pair. I absolutely LOVE them. They look great (to me anyway, haha) with my skinny jeans or my boot cut jeans, which means I can wear them whenever. And they’re super comfortable. And warm. And they help my ankle since it’s still not recovered from the sprain while we were in the Pacific Northwest. Can you tell I love them?


What’s saving your life right now?

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    1. Sweater mittens sound perfect! That’s kind of what mine are like, and they have fleece lining. Good luck with the peppermint tea!

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