Month in Photos: January 2018

Hockey Cheering

I was lazy in 2017, and I didn’t write any monthly recap posts. They take a lot of work, and I just didn’t want to do them anymore. This year I am going to try something new. I am going to share photos taken throughout the month and then just include small captions or descriptions. We’ll see how it goes!

January Photos

Snow Pile Best Friends

It’s been a month of varying weather. It seems like every time we get a good amount of snow, it warms up and then all melts. Christopher and his best friend, Rell, took advantage of one of the warmer days, and spent some time outside digging in the remaining snow mound by our neighbors’ house.

Counting Box Tops

Christopher’s elementary school does an annual Box Tops for Education drive throughout the month of January. Christopher had a good time cutting all of the Box Tops we’d collected during the year. Then he had to check expiration dates and count his points. We didn’t make a very good contribution since we don’t buy a lot of the unhealthier box foods, but he still enjoys it.

Noetic Math Contest Medals

Christopher tied for first place on the Noetic Math Contest for second graders at his school, and he placed in the top 20 for the whole state. He was pretty excited, and I appreciated him getting some medals for something academic for a change.

Hockey with Family

We finally made it to the local park to ice skate, and we were pleased to see that they had hockey nets up. The ice wasn’t the greatest because of the melting and refreezing over and over again, but we still had a lot of fun. We went with another family, and Jim’s brother, who stayed with us for about half of the month.

Tim Burns Speaking

I went to a fundraising event for Tim Burns, a Progressive candidate running for Wisconsin Supreme Court. It was wonderful to hear him speak, and I am happy to be helping out his campaign. More on that later this month!

Pinball Christopher

Jim read about an arcade in Madison that has a lot of pinball machines and a flat daily rate pricing structure, so we drove out there one Sunday. We had a pretty decent time, and the selection of games was pretty great.

Pacman 2 Jim

In addition to pinball machines, Geeks Mania Arcade also had a lot of vintage arcade games, and of course we had to play a good amount of Pacman.


What did your family do this month?

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