Birthday Survey

Kate and Christopher Playing Pinball

Today is my 38th birthday! I bought my own presents this year – books (using my Christmas gift cards) and some clothes (some with money from my mom). I usually do this short survey of favorites with Christopher on his birthdays, and I thought it would be fun to do it for myself this year.

My favorites

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Toy: My new car! I am loving not having to pump gas and the bluetooth is pretty sweet!

Favorite Thing to Sleep With: Umm…my husband. (This is more scandalous than I was expecting.)

Favorite Fruit: Raspberries. No, pink grapefruit. Can I have more than one?

Favorite Breakfast: Yogurt with granola, but I never let myself have it.

Favorite Dinner:  Pizza! (Again, something I try not to eat too often.)

Favorite Dessert: Apple Pie

Favorite Drink: Alcoholic: Redd’s Apple Ale, Caffeinated: Green Tea, Other: Lemon Flavored Seltzer

Favorite Animal: Goats (It stems from my years at farm camp.)

Favorite Book: How can I pick just one!? I guess I’ll go with Harry Potter (the whole series).

Favorite TV Show: Recently: Netflix’s Atypical, Of All Time: Downton Abbey

Favorite Movie: For the Love of the Game, and maybe Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightley)

Favorite Song: One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful, Jonathan Coulton – I’m Your Moon

Favorite Game: Again, only one?! Ticket to Ride maybe.

Favorite Thing to Do Outside: Go hiking (but only in nice weather), Read on the beach!


Did you learn something new about me today?

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