Kid Lit: Can You Find My Robot’s Arm?

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Can You Find My Robot’s Arm? by Chihiro Takeuchi

Published on July 4, 2017.

NetGalley Summary:
One morning, a robot wakes up to find he is missing an arm. He and his robo buddy search inside and outside the house, through a garden, an amusement park, a library and even a candy shop, but it’s nowhere to be found. Where can the arm be, and what might make a suitable replacement? A lollipop? A fish bone? How about a fork?

Can You Find My Robot’s Arm? humorously invites children to explore the beautiful and intricate hand-cut images of Chihiro Takeuchi.

My Thoughts:
This book is all about the pictures. Each one is hand cut and shown in black and yellow. A little boy’s robot has lost his arm, and they search everywhere for it, trying out different things as a potential replacement – a leaf, a fork, a lollipop, etc.

The prose is simple. It would be good for a beginning reader or young children – ages 2-4. Even younger children may enjoy gazing at the intricate images.

There is no resolution at the end. The arm is not found. A fork will have to do.

It’s a cute read.

My Rating: 3 stars

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