Juvenile Pile: School-Related Books

We’ve been cramming in some extra reading this past week because the library reading program ends on Saturday. Then they do a special reading program for just August. It’s kind of weird. I wish they would just have one program for the full summer, but whatever. We have 2.5 hours left to squeeze in to the next couple of days, so Christopher can get a second reward.

Here are some school-related books we’ve read recently.

Second Grade Rocks by Judy Katschke

Christopher won this book on the last day of school. Since he’s going into 2nd grade in September, I thought it was the perfect reward, and he finally read it to me recently. This book is great for beginner readers because it has a repetitive style and prose. All of the kids except one are excited about starting second grade. Andrew is apprehensive, but he finally comes around. It’s a cute read.

4 Stars

Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler by Margery Cuyler

I read this book to Christopher, and I liked the premise of the book. The teacher, Mrs. Ruler, is teaching her students about kindness. They’re given homework to do something kind at home. It had more of a random acts of kindness type vibe to it. It was a lot of chore type activities that the kids did at home vs. actually just being kind to someone. That bothered Christopher a bit. But we still enjoyed reading it.

3 Stars

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub

Christopher suggested this book after we’d read a different Little Red Riding Hood spin-off. He read this book at school, so we got it from the library, and I read it to him again. Little Red Writing is a pencil who’s trying to write an exciting story, but she can’t find the words, so she sets off through the woods to find some. It’s a little abstract, but it’s a lot of fun. And I thought it was great that Christopher remembered hearing this story and suggested that we read it together.

4 Stars

The Bot That Scott Built by  Kim Norman

This book is written in the style of The House That Jack Built. Christopher read it to me, and he had a little trouble with some of the words, but he did really well with the rhyming. Scott’s class is having a science fair. He’s built a robot, but some of the other experiments are going awry: the volcano, the frog, the snake, the ant farm, etc. We had a lot of fun reading this book. And of course the robot saves the day.

5 Stars

Ready Set Boo by Judy Katschke

After reading Second Grade Rocks, I looked at the library to see if they had any other books from the First-Grade Friends Forever series. The only one I could find was this Halloween book. One of the girls in the class forgets her costume, so all of her friends try helping her come up with a replacement. She’s a little picky. Haha. But I know it was done, so again the book could have a repeating pattern. Christopher did a great job reading this book, and we both enjoyed it.

4 Stars

What books have your kids been reading?

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