Date Night, Paint Night

A couple years ago Jim bought me a couples paint night for Christmas, and we went with another couple and had a great time. Since then Jim has been anxious to do another paint night. Let’s just say his painting turned out a LOT better than mine that first time.

When I scheduled a paint night with friends a couple of months ago, Jim was a little jealous. He couldn’t come along because he was going to be out of town for work. I had a blast drinking and painting with my friend. We laughed a lot, and my painting didn’t turn out all that bad this time.

So when our plans to go out with another couple fell through a few weeks ago, I quickly suggested doing a paint night since we already had a sitter lined up. Jim was thrilled. My last two paintings had been planned around the content of the painting, but with these last minute plans, we couldn’t be that selective. There were three studios by us, but we ended up choosing the closest one for its location and starting time. The image was whimsical and fun, and we had a great time painting together.

If you’ve never done a paint night, it’s fairly easy. An instructor walks you through a painting, step by step, telling you how to mix the paint, which brush to use, and how to make your strokes. And the best part is that they serve alcohol, so you can relax and just have fun with it even if you’re not the best at painting.

Of course you don’t have to actually hang your finished paintings, but we have. Our boat pictures hang side by side in our downstairs bathroom. And my lighthouse painting is in our bedroom as it fits our nautical theme. But since we ended up with two of the same paintings from this most recent date night, Jim’s hangs in the guest bedroom and mine is at my desk at work. I don’t like how my grass turned out, so I’ve conveniently placed a couple of framed photos of Jim and Christopher in front of it. Perfect!

What fun activities have you done for date night?

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