Juvenile Pile: Junie B Jones, Peters Powers, and Charlie Bumpers

Why are kid’s book series all named after the main characters name? We’re continuing to read a lot of chapter books, and I’m sensing this theme.

Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff) (Junie B. Jones #28) by Barbara Park

I really enjoyed this book. We started it a long time ago when Christopher got it from the school library, and I had to borrow it from the public library because I wanted to finish it. Christopher read the whole book, so it took a while. Junie B and her class are making a thankful list for Thanksgiving, and it’s so honest, it’s hilarious. I’m not always a fan of Junie B books, but this one was great.

4 Stars

Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl (Junie B. Jones #17) by Barbara Park

We bought this book a few months back, and we finally finished reading it recently. Junie B is graduating from kindergarten, and she doesn’t listen to the teacher and takes her white graduation gown out of the box and gets grape jelly all over it. She tries to solve the problem herself, which was kind of painful to listen to as an adult. Again, Christopher read this book to me, but I cringed the whole time. Junie B is not the best example, but she did give us something to talk about.

3 Stars

Peter Powers and the Rowdy Robot Raiders! (Peter Powers #2) by Kent Clark

Christopher and I alternated reading with this book since it’s a higher grade level – maybe 3rd grade. It still has a fair amount of pictures. We loved the first book in the Peter Powers series, and it was fun to be reading this one together. Peter’s ice power is getting a bit stronger, and once again his grandfather is a big encouragement – Growth Mindset! This book is all about teamwork as Peter and his siblings save their parents from a giant robot.

4 Stars

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Puny Pirates (Charlie Bumpers #5) by Bill Harley

I’ll have a full review of this book up next week, but I wanted to share a bit about it here since Christopher and I read it together – again alternating chapters. Charlie Bumper’s and his best friends join a soccer team, but they’re frustrated that their coach won’t let them play together. The coach – another great Growth Mindset example – is trying to work on their skill development and not just on winning. I kind of missed a chance for major discussion with this book. Luckily I have a copy from BEA, so we may need to read it again.

4 Stars

What have your kids been reading lately?

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