Political Wake Up Call

I haven’t been blogging as much lately as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve had sort of a political wake up call since Trump’s inauguration. Jim and I protested that night, and we hosted a letter writing party a couple of weeks later, but since then I’ve shifted my energies into local politics. I realized that I’d been rather politically-apathetic apart from the Presidential elections. I think there’s a lot better chance of my efforts being worthwhile on the small scale, local level.

What I mean is that other than Presidential races and Federal Senate/House seats, I don’t often vote. Voter turnout even in the national elections isn’t great, but it’s so much worse in the mid-term elections. That needs to change. Until our letter writing party on February 1st, I didn’t even know who our Senators and Congressman were. And surprise, surprise 2 of them are Republican. I want to get more involved in 2018 and try to change that.

But I don’t want to wait until 2018 to do something. I have found a number of local organizations – some new, some already established, and we’re getting involved – attending meetings, looking for ways that we can help.

An acquaintance of mine is running for the local school board. Another friend and I have dedicated several hours over the last couple of weeks putting together a website for her campaign. Check it out: KrislynForSchoolBoard.com. I’ll be hosting a house party for her as well in a couple of weeks and most likely knocking on doors as we get closer to the April 4th election.

We also have an important State Superintendent primary election today in Wisconsin. I’ve done some research and heard the incumbent, Tony Evers, speak. I’ll be casting my vote today and encouraging others to do so as well.

It feels good to be doing things. But it all takes time. Which means less time for blogging. I hope you understand if I post less frequently. I’m trying to find my new balance.

How are you handling the current political situation?

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  1. That's so awesome that you built that site! Looks great. So far, I have been handling things by participating in my city's Women's March (I will probably do the March for Science in April, too) and making lots of calls to elected officials – I work in Education and was so upset by the Betsy DeVos appointment to Sec of Ed, and felt like I had to do something. I'm staying informed via three different political podcasts…Pod Save America, Pantsuit Politics, and the Pollsters. I love them, but it also means less time for audiobooks! I'm also paying closer attention to local politics and looking for more ways to get involved! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! Yes, podcasts do cut into audiobook time. I'm glad you're finding ways to get involved. I belong to a bunch of Facebook groups, and there are so many events going on. I'm trying to do what I can when I can. Yes, Betsy DeVos is so disappointing. Ugh!

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