Kid Lit: Little Blue Chair

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Little Blue Chair by Cary Fagan

To be published on January 24, 2017.

Goodreads Summary:
A sweet, whimsical tale that chronicles the journey of a chair as it changes hands and uses. Perfect for fans of The Good Little Book, Something for Nothing and Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House.

Boo’s favorite chair is little and blue. He sits in it, reads in it and makes a tent around it…until the day he grows too big for it. His mother puts the little blue chair out on the lawn where a truck driver picks it up. The truck driver sells it to a lady in a junk store where it sits for many years until it’s sold and put to use as a plant stand. In the years that follow, the little blue chair is used in many other ways — on an elephant ride, in a contest, on a Ferris wheel, in a tree…until the day it flies away, borne aloft by balloons, and lands in a garden of daffodils where a familiar face finds it. 
A charming, beautifully illustrated read-aloud that follows the adventures of a little chair, beginning as the seat of a small child who loves books and circling back to that child’s child many years (and bottoms) later.” 

My Thoughts:
This book is super cute. A little boy named Boo has a little blue chair. It’s his favorite. He sits in it all the time, until he outgrows the chair. Then his mother puts at on the side of the road with a sign, and someone comes along and takes it. Thus begins the chair’s life. The book follows the chair across the world from owner to owner. All of the owners think the chair is perfect for their intended purpose. The chair does its job well over and over again, until it finally comes home to Boo.
The illustrations in this book are very vintage looking. It’s a sweet story and very clever. I enjoyed seeing all of the potential uses for the chair. It is an especially great story for me as we have a little chair that came from my husband’s family’s old church’s grade school. It too has had many uses throughout its life.
Ages 4-8

My Rating: 4 Stars

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