Juvenile Pile: Inspector Flytrap and secret agents

We’ve been having many reading parties in our house over the last couple of weeks. Christopher has been doing a considerable amount of independent reading, but we’re still reading aloud. Here’re some books we’ve read recently.

Spy Guy by Jessica Young

I read this book to Christopher. It’s a book we randomly selected off of the shelves at the library. I usually reserve books after reading about them on other blogs, so this was a rare find. A really cute book that wasn’t recommended to me by someone else. It’s a fun story about a little boy who’s trying to be a sneaky spy. The “Chief”, his dad, tells him he must discover the secret to spying on his own. He can’t tell him. After many failed attempts, he learns from watching a spider.

4 Stars

Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard

Bird wakes up grumpy. Too grumpy to fly. So he decides to walk. One by one the other animals decide to join him. Impromptu mimicking by the other animals ends up cheering up Bird. I loved the vibrant colors of the illustrations, but the story was just so-so. I read this book aloud to Christopher, but the text was simple, so he could have read it on his own.

3 Stars

Inspector Flytrap (Inspector Flytrap #1) by Tom Angleberger

I got this book out of the library after my sister mentioned that he son (age 5.5) enjoys the series. Even though it’s easy enough for Christopher to read on his own, his patience with reading hasn’t been great lately, so I read this short chapter book to him over a couple of nights. It’s about a flytrap detective and his sidekick, Nina the goat. It’s pretty absurd but fun.

3 Stars

Inspector Flytrap in the President’s Mane Is Missing (Inspector Flytrap #2) by Tom Angleberger

This book is even more ridiculous than the first book. The characters were still fun, but the plot was a little too crazy for my taste. I think Christopher enjoyed it about as much as the first book. Again, he could have read it himself, but I read it to him. He read the mini-comics. Maybe I’m being a little critical because I’m sure these books get kids reading, but I don’t know that I’ll read more of the series when they’re available. It’s just not for me.

2 Stars

Whose Butt? by Stan Tekiela

I love non-fiction that makes kids interested in reading. This book is very creative. It features pictures of animal behinds, and you have to guess which animal it is. Each photo is accompanied by a short rhyme, which Christopher read. And then the next page reveals the answer along with interesting facts about the animal – involving their butts. I read those parts. We really had fun with this book.

4 Stars

Snail and Worm by Tina Kugler

This very short, three chapter easy reader book is pretty cute. It’s about two friends and their small adventures in the world. It’s written all as conversation (without speech bubbles). Christopher read this one in about a minute. It’s was too easy, but he enjoyed it all the same. There was some subtle humor, which I appreciated, but overall the dialog was fairly simple.

3 Stars

What have your kids been reading?

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