Christmas Ornament Stories: Volume 2

Last year I shared 8 ornaments from our Christmas tree, and I wanted to do the same again this year with 8 more ornaments.

My sister-in-law, Jen, gave me this ornament (along with another) the first year she was dating my brother – so maybe in 2004. I love receiving ornaments as gifts, so it was the perfect present!

My mother’s old friend, Bonnie, gave my sister and me ornaments for a couple of Christmases when we were young. I must have gotten this ornament before I was 9 years old, the age at which I realized I was allergic to cats and stopped liking them. I’ve always enjoyed that there are two cats in the basket, but you can only really see one at a time because of the way the basket top opens.

Jim and I exchanged ornaments for many, many years. We kind of stopped last year because we were running out of room on our tree. But I bought this flamingo ornament for him several years ago because we often go to Florida (to visit my parents), and Jim loves to build sandcastles there.

For a couple of years, we made ornaments for our families. Jim made this fireplace ornament in 2010 by sculpting it out of clay, making a mold, and then casting them all in plastic. Pretty wild! Surprisingly, we hadn’t made any homemade ornaments since getting his 3D printer a couple years ago.

Jim stole the homemade ornament idea from my sister and brother-in-law. This snowflake ornament is one they made in 2008.

I love snowmen. They’re my favorite holiday symbol. Perhaps because they’re not really associated with Christmas or any religion, just with winter and snow. This ornament is part of the Hallmark “Snow Buddies” series, which Jim bought me for several years. It’s always an adult and a child doing an activity together, and this reading one is my favorite.

Speaking of snowmen, this ornament is one that my mother bought for me (if I am remembering correctly). I am pretty sure it’s a Lang Store ornament, which are my favorite.

Christopher gets ornaments every year from us and from Jim’s parents. This video game controller is an ornament that my mother-in-law picked out for him last year. It’s so perfect for him (and Jim)!

What are some of your favorite Christmas ornaments?

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  1. I love this! I have so many ornaments I love on my tree too. One of my favorites is a huuuuge frame I made for my mom with a picture of me when I was maybe 6-8 years old. It's so ridiculously big for an ornament but I make sure she puts it up every year!

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