A Very Merry Christmas Survey

Ok, I know I said I hated Christmas, but not that it’s getting closer, I am enjoying the elements that make it not so bad. I saw this survey on Rebel Mommy Book Blog, and I thought it would be a fun way to get a Christmas post in this week.

Favorite Christmas song(s)?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Jingle Bell Rock

Favorite Christmas movie(s)?

All I Want for Christmas
Love Actually
It’s a Wonderful Life

Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, or Charlie Brown?

Why do I have to choose? When I was young it was definitely Rudolph, but since meeting Jim and comparing him to Charlie Brown (he’s SO Charlie Brown), I’ve switched, and Charlie Brown is my favorite Christmas cartoon. We have yet to watch it this year.

Best and/or most memorable Christmas gift you ever received?

Cabbage Patch Doll

Real tree or artificial tree?

I have always insisted on a real tree, but this year I gave in (rather easily too), and we got a fake tree. To be honest, it looks pretty fantastic, and I am loving the idea of not having to pick out a tree in years to come. But it was expensive!

What tops your tree? Star? Angel? Bow?

A star. We had a homemade (by Jim) Flying Spaghetti Monster for a few years, but his tentacles broke off when our tree fell over a couple of years ago.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you go photo card or traditional?

Yes. We have done a photo card since Christopher was 2 years old, but I send a Christmas Letter along with it. I’ve been writing those since 2005 when we got engaged.

When did you stop believing in Santa?

I don’t remember believing in Santa. I know my brother told me the truth when I was really young. It didn’t really matter to me though. I still always loved getting presents from Santa and my parents. Jim had to convince me to do Santa with Christopher. I didn’t (still don’t) like the idea of lying to him, but I have to admit, I love being Santa.

Do you have any special Christmastime traditions?

Since 2004 Christmas has always been Jim’s holiday, and Thanksgiving was mine. I never minded this arrangement. My family has many more traditions around Thanksgiving than Christmas. With Jim’s family, we celebrate Christmas Eve – gift exchange, grab bag, tons of food – and then we always host a Christmas brunch, which is a little more low key and usually turns into a full day of eating and playing games.

Do you have a favorite type of decoration ā€” snowmen, trees, Christmas village, etc.?

Snowmen for sure!

Do you have any sentimental decorations or ornaments?

Yes, tons of ornaments. See my ornament posts from this year and last year. Ornaments are my favorite gifts every year. I also give ornaments as gifts every year to Christopher and my nieces and nephews (on my side of the family).

White lights or colored lights? Big old-fashioned lights or mini lights?

Inside on the tree – colored mini lights always.
Outside on the house – white lights, icicle lights currently.

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

The first weekend in December, never earlier.

Favorite Christmas treat?

Cookies – cutout cookies, pizelles, snow ball cookies

Do you like sugar cookies? Gingerbread cookies?

Yes, both. I love my grandmother’s sugar cutout cookie recipe. They have nutmeg in them, so they’re extra spicy.

Do you have cocoa or hot chocolate? Do you like your warm chocolate-y beverage with marshmallows?

No. I don’t like chocolate.

What do you eat at your Christmas feast?

Christmas Eve with the Ungers usually consists of an abundance of appetizers. We’ve tried many meals over the years, but they’re a family of grazers, so we always seems to return to the appetizers.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve or do you wait until Christmas morning?

We exchange presents with Jim’s family on Christmas Eve, but we keep our presents for Christmas morning when we’re usually alone, just the 3 of us.

Favorite Christmas-y scent?


If you could ask Santa for any gift this year ā€” and know that heā€™d bring it ā€” what would it be?

I just posted the bookish gifts I want this year over on Opinionated Book Lover. I’d be pretty happy with any of these gifts. In general though I am much more about gift giving than gift receiving. Except for ornaments – those I absolutely love getting, especially snowmen ornaments.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    I like to believe that Santa is a spirit of love for children. When my son got old enough to ask, I told him that while there might not be an actual man delivering presents, the belief is powerful and that anyone who chooses to can become an avatar of Father Christmas.

  2. Omg I love the flying spaghetti monster thing! I asked for the book for Christmas one year but haven't ended up with it yet haha.

    I don't remember when I stopped believing in Santa and can totally see the reasons to create him for your kids OR not do Santa things. I have no idea what I'd want to do if I have kids haha.

    1. I bought the Flying Spaghetti Monster "bible" for Jim one Christmas many years ago, and then he made the tree topper. At the time we had a seashell tree topper angel that my parents had bought for me that he really didn't like, so it worked out perfectly.

      Yeah, Santa is hard. It's such a debate among parents. I'm happy we did it now. It's fun for Christopher. I just hope he's not too mad when he finds out the truth. šŸ™‚

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