8 Great Christmas Picture Books

Delightful Christmas Picture Books

Christmas Wishes by Tony Mitton

This book is a modernized version of The Night Before Christmas. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it’s really adorable. It features a family of mice and more than just an upgrade on the language of the original poem. It embodies the spirit of Christmas and all of the essential elements of the tale.

Ages 4-8

Here Comes Santa Cat by Deborah Underwood

This book is a lot of fun. The narrator talks to Cat who’s worried about not getting presents for Christmas. He’s been a little bit naughty, you see. Underwood’s writing style is just fantastic. The narrator encourages Cat to do something nice, but all of his attempts go awry. He finally gets it right. The humor in this book is just perfect. It holds kids’ attention. I loved the moral.

Ages 3-6

The Christmas Spider’s Miracle by Trinka Hakes Noble

This story is a folk tale about the origin of tinsel on Christmas trees. A peasant mother brings home a tree for her family, but she is too tired to decorate it. She did not know that a mother spider hitched a ride indoors on the tree. The spider spins webs all over the tree through the night, and in the morning the tree is a beautiful sight to behold. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this story is heartwarming and memorable.

Ages 6-10

The Lost Gift by Kallie George

When a gift falls out of Santa’s sleigh, the animals of the forest take it upon themselves to deliver it to the new baby that it’s meant for. This book is a tale of ingenuity, teamwork, and perseverance. It’s about believing in yourself and trying to accomplish a task. But it’s also about the adorable illustrations and the animals saving the day for Christmas. Santa even has a little reward for them in the end.

Ages 4-8

Winter Candle by Jeron Frame

This multicultural holiday book is a great introduction to other cultures. The families of Juniper Court all celebrate different holidays that involve candles. The neighbors borrow from each other throughout the winter and one stubbly candle participates in many different celebrations – Thanksgiving, Sabbath, the Feast of Saint Lucy, and Kwanza. The candle saves the day in more ways than one at the end of the story. This book is a simple yet wonderful read.

Ages 4-6

Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini

Moose wants everything to be perfect for Christmas. He has been busy for many weeks getting everything ready, but somehow he forgot to get a tree. When he goes to the tree lot to find one, they’re all sold out. Not wanting to disappoint his children, Moose lets them turn him into a Christmas tree. They use his incredibly long mustache to make branches of a sort that can be decorated. And then he stays up all night, so Santa will have somewhere to delivery the presents. This book is a little silly, but the love Moose has for his children shines through. He knows the true meaning of Christmas.

Ages 4-8

A Night of Great Joy by Mary Engelbreit

This book tells the story of Jesus’ birth as acted out by a group of children. The illustrations really make this book. The kids’ expressions are priceless. And there are many small mishaps. It’s certainly reminiscent of real life Christmas performances. For Christian families this is a must have addition to your holiday book collection – although there is glitter on the cover.

Ages 4-8

The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas by Fiona Boon

When one of the reindeer is sick, the elves are worried about how Santa will deliver all of the presents. A little polar bear steps in to save the day. With a little magic dust, he is even able to fly. There isn’t much substance to this book, but it’s really sweet. Kids will love it.

Ages 3-6

What are some of your favorite Christmas books?

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