Half Birthday Celebration: Pokemon Hunt

Tuesday was Christopher’s half birthday. We have been celebrating half birthdays for a few years since he has a spring birthday, and it was hard watching his friends have birthdays at schools and having to wait so long for his own birthday. And, of course, since we started, now he expects something each year. It’s partly my fault because I brought up his half birthday recently as a milestone for when we were going to start using a normal booster seat instead of the high back booster seat. But I digress.

Christopher reading the first clue.

For at least the last year, Christopher has been asking me to set up a scavenger hunt for him starting with a letter in the mailbox. He got the idea from a Hobby Kids YouTube video about a Superman hunt. I actually tried to find Superman stuff not too long after viewing the first video, so I could set something up, but Superman is really hard to find at toy stores. DC Comics is seriously under-represented.

Christopher reading the third clue.

Over time his request evolved to be a Shopkins hunt, but since he doesn’t do much with Shopkins after initially opening them and because I knew he wanted some Pokemon comic books that we’d bought for a friend’s birthday back in April, I made a Pokemon hunt. It was fun to FINALLY do it. And Christopher had a blast!

Checking out his final treasure.

I threw this all together yesterday because I’d kind of forgotten about getting him a gift. Originally I planned to just run to Barnes & Noble and get the comic books, but Tuesday morning I had the idea to throw a hunt. I stopped at Target on my way to work and picked up 2 Pokemon booster packs and a larger bundle that came with 3 booster packs, a special card, and a Pikachu coin.

The spoils! Pokemon cards, a Pikachu coin, and Pokemon comics.

During the day I wrote up the clue notes using fun riddles I found on the Riddles and Answers website. I had wanted to write the clues on index cards, but I forgot to take them with me to work, so I settled for ordinary paper.

All of the clues.

I snuck out of work a little early to swing by Barnes & Noble for the comic books, and so I could get home before the bus. I put the first clue in the mailbox, and then Jim and I put the treasures out around the house to match the clues: his bed, the freezer, the shower, and behind the keyboard in the playroom.

Choosing which treasure to open first.

We had to ask Christopher to go get the mail after he came in from the bus, but he compiled right away when I mentioned there might be something in the mailbox for him since it was his half birthday. As he came back to the house, Jim asked if it was all for him (Jim). Christopher excitedly said there was one item for him. He had a huge smile on his face.

Christopher was so cute reading and figuring out the riddles. He needed a little help, but he had a lot of fun and was super thankful (which is very rare). It was a fun half birthday celebration. I also let him have chocolate ice cream after dinner, and then we went to get our haircut. Super fun, I know.

Do you celebrate half birthdays?

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  1. That is SO fun!! Sometimes I hate things like YouTube and Pinterest because it makes my mothering job SO much harder. But other times it works out because I would never be able to think of all the fun stuff if I didn't have those things to help me.

    All I know is my mom definitely had less expectations on her than I have on me. Preschool Halloween was an eye-opener. I just brought 2 bags of candy… everyone else had fancy treat bags that were glittered, calligraphed to hell and back, and shaped like all kinds of spooky creatures. I mean, the kids just tear through it and don't even care, so the whole thing just seemed to be a competition between the parents. I definitely got some weird looks for my regular old candy.

    I got way off topic though. I think this is the good way to use those things. This is a memory your kid will always have. And something he can do with his kids šŸ™‚

    1. Yes! I know what you mean about the mommy wars with Pinterest. Preschool is insane! I can tell you that it seems to have swung back the other way now that my son is in elementary school. People are a lot more laid back than they were in preschool. I remember all those cutsie snacks for Halloween parties. Ugh! The kids do NOT care. šŸ™‚

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