Juvenile Pile: Robots, Monsters, Dragons, and More

Christopher got a little carried away this week and pulled all of the books of his bookshelf and put them on the couch in his room. He seriously thought we could read them all before bedtime. And he tries to tell me he doesn’t like reading. Ha!

Since finishing Dog Man, we’ve been doing a hodgepodge of reading. I am anxious to get into another longer book with him, but I’m waiting for more to come in to the library. For now, I’ve been reading to him a lot. I’ll share more of what he’s been reading next week.

I was hoping Frankencrayon would be a fun Halloween-y story. It wasn’t what I expected at all. And, honestly, I was distracted the whole time by thinking the layout of the pages reminded me of Red: A Crayon’s Story. Turns out this book is by the same author, so at least I was right there.

It’s kind of a fun, interactive book because the characters in the story (the crayons) are aware they’re in a book, and they can’t go on with the story because of a scribble on one of the pages. I wish I’d enjoyed it more, but it fell a little flat for Christopher and me.

3 stars

I picked Mr. Wuffles because Christopher loves cats, but this book was a little too bizarre for us. It’s a graphic novel style book about some tiny aliens. Mr. Wuffles, the cat, plays with their spaceship while they befriend some mice that live in the walls. Honestly, I was pretty confused about what was happening. There was a lot of weird characters in speech bubbles to indicate the alien language, but there is only one caption in English, so it’s essentially a wordless picture book.

2 stars

Raybot reminded me a little of Bear and Bunny from last week’s Juvenile Pile list. It’s a story about a robot who is searching for a friend after reading about one on a scrap of paper in the garbage dump, where he lives.

He doesn’t know what the best friend looks like because that piece of the paper ad was ripped off, but he knows the best friend is supposed to say, “Bark!” He encounters many animals along the way and eventually finds the one he’s looking for and more. It’s a cute story with fun illustrations.

3 stars

Wolf Camp is kind of similar to Lion Lessons, only this time it’s a dog trying to learn to be a wolf instead of a little boy trying to be a lion. The dog goes to wolf camp, along with other dogs, and tries to learn about being a wolf: howling, hunting, and sleeping outdoors. It’s written in 1st person, which was unusual, but fun. The best part? Listening to Christopher make howling noises and making some of my own.

4 stars

I saw this series in our school’s Scholastic order form, so I reserved Who Would Win? Lion vs. Tiger from the library. Jim had Christopher read some of it to him one night, and then I read the rest to him the second night. It has a lot of interesting facts about lions and tigers: height, weight, claw length, brain size, eye sight, etc. in an attempt to outline who would win in a fight. Then there is a staged battle at the end of the story. We were pretty surprised by who won. The last page is a checklist where you’re supposed to tally up who was better on various categories. That had us checking back through the book to find the facts. It was really fun. I know we’ll read more in this series.

5 stars

Ogres Awake is another graphic novel style picture book. I love this type of book because it’s all dialogue, and there are great emotions. This story is about a tiny knight and his steed who see sleeping ogres in the land outside the castle. They rush to tell the king and are confused when he isn’t concerned. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting, nor what the knight was expecting, but it was a good resolution. There were actually a lot of words in this book even though it’s written as a comic strip. There are others in this series too. I’ll have to check them out.

4 stars

I finally got to read The Story Book Knight to Christopher the other night. You know from my review that I really enjoyed this book. I was very happy that he liked it too. He liked the dragon and the griffin the most. We both loved the illustrations and all the stories that Leo read to the “monsters”. I think Christopher enjoyed the bookish-ness of this story almost as much as I did.

I’m seriously considering changing my rating on this book. It just makes me smile. If you love books, you really need to read this one. It’s so adorable!

4 stars (but maybe it should be 5 stars)

What did you read to your children this week?

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