Juvenile Pile: Reading our own books for a change

Christopher has read for 5 hours in July, which makes for a total of 11 hours so far this summer. And he’s marked off 24 of 35 squares in his summer reading bingo. He’s doing pretty well even if I haven’t been the one listening to all of the reading. Jim and babysitters are also making sure he’s reading (almost) every night.

Here are some of the books we’ve read recently:

Boo on the Loose is a strange adaptation of Monsters Inc. I almost wonder if it was written based off of an older version of the script. It starts off the same as the movie, but then instead of trying to leave Boo at work disguised as a monster child, they try to ditch her at the park. So weird.

We own this book, and it’s a level 2 easy reader. It was a super easy read, but we read it on a night when Christopher was over tired and didn’t have the patience for a harder book. It fulfilled the “Book about a Monster” square for bingo.

3 stars

We have one of the Dr. Seuss compilation books: My BIG Book of Beginner Books about ME. It has 6 Dr. Seuss or wannabe Dr. Seuss books in it. Jim and Christopher read the first three books together (The Foot Book, The Eye Book, and The Ear Book), but then Christopher read the last 3 to me over the course of 2 nights. He wanted to use this as the “Book with a Yellow Cover.” The books are not the best sadly.

The Nose Book by Al Perkins isn’t too bad. It talks about how everyone has a nose and showcases some animal noses – short, long, etc. Then it points out all the difficulties of not having a nose – with some kind of creepy pictures of a noseless dog. It’s a little nonsensical, but not too strange.

3 stars

The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss (writing as Theo. LeSieg) is so, so weird. And the drawings are quite terrifying to me. Christopher doesn’t seem to mind them. It discuss the uses for teeth, but in very strange ways. Like opening bottle caps with your teeth! I do like the part about loosing teeth and growing grown up teeth, but otherwise, I’m not a fan of this book

2 stars

All of these books were super easy reads, but sometimes I think that’s OK. You have to boost their confidence and let them whiz through a couple of books every once and a while, right?

The Knee Book by Graham Tether is similar and also a little out there. It discusses the uses if knees and what would happen without them, but it’s really talking more about legs than knees. That kind of annoys me. It’s not very scientific. At least the illustrations in this book are cute.

2 stars

Let’s just say I was happy when we made it through that book and got to move on to the read aloud book. We’ve been reading Henry Huggins and James and the Giant Peach over the past week and a half. I’ll include them in these posts once we’ve finished, so I can rate them. I’ve never read either.

I love Bears in the Night. It’s a very easy read, but it has a fun way of building on itself, so that the string of phrases gets longer with each page. Sort of like the song “The Green Grass Grows All Around”. It also helps young kids with understanding prepositions – over, under, around, etc.

It also has a bit of suspense. One of the bears sneaks out of the window and night and travels through the countryside until something frightens him and he has to retrace his steps back home. This book is a natural easy reader with a fun story, unlike some many of the easy reader/step type books made today.

4 stars

Hop on Pop is classic Dr. Seuss. It’s got great rhyming for true beginner readers, and at least the first half of the book could be considered Level One. It doesn’t really have a plot, but the pictures tie well with the words, so that’s helpful for early readers as well.

This time we only made it through half of the book before Christopher was bored and wanted to move on to something else. I think he’s getting a little old for the plotless word books, but that’s OK too.

4 stars

We read some more challenging books in the last couple of weeks too, but I’m going to save them for next Sunday’s post, so I can get ahead on my writing a little bit. It’s been hard to find the time with my new job.

What have you been reading with your kids this book? Anything good? I’m always looking for recommendations! 

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