YA Book Club: February Recap

We almost didn’t have book club this month. Jim was out of town, and it took me a while to find a babysitter. Two of our babysitters work until 6 PM, but we usually have book club at 5:30 PM over by my work. When the one babysitter wasn’t available, we had to make a change in venue and time to make sure I could be there.

I’m really glad it all worked out because I need this girl time once a month for my sanity. It was also nice to have a night out after spending 9 days as a single mom while Jim was on his business trip.

The Book
While reading My True Love Gave to Me, Annie suggested we read a book by Matt de la Pena. Sarah and I were on board right away since we’d seen him speak at NerdCon and really liked him. We originally agreed on Ball Don’t Lie, but as the meeting grew closer we changed books at my suggestion. The description of the original book just wasn’t appealing to me anymore.

We Were Here by Matt de la Pena

I liked the description of this book much better, and since I recently started watching The Fosters again, it really spoke to me…especially the beginning of the book when Miguel is in the group home.

The Venue
We had dinner at P.F. Chang’s again, which is one of my favorite restaurants. And as I’m eating low carb again this month, it worked well for me. I had the beef with broccoli, no rice. Annie had sweet and sour chicken, and Sarah had the “Buddha’s Plate” (tufu and veggies).

We all skipped dessert and alcohol this month, which made it easier for me to stick to low carb.

The Book Discussion
Annie loved it. Sarah thought the beginning dragged, but she liked it a lot more from about half way through. It’s funny because I enjoyed the beginning and end and not the middle. We all agreed that Rondell and Mong were pretty cool characters. I think I was the only one completely annoyed by Miguel.

Sarah had about 20 pages left, but she begged us to tell her what Miguel had done, and I did because she’d basically guessed it already. We all felt bad about a certain situation with a girl towards the end of the book.

Annie – 5 stars
Sarah – 3 stars
Me – 3 stars

The Non-Book Discussion
Sarah was sick again this month, but it was the tail end of a cold this time, so she was more in the mood for chatting. We talked about…

– my trip to Philadelphia to visit my sister
– Annie’s cat and his diabetes, as of Wednesday he started getting insulin shots, poor kitty
– Napping and sleeping while touching someone else (I shared a bed with Christopher all weekend)
– Sarah’s team at work are all getting standing desks
– Christopher’s swim lessons (that was one of the original reasons for the time change of our meeting)
– Jim’s business trip
– Sarah and Annie’s time at UW and Annie’s hate turned friendship story with a classmate
– the varying colors of bruises and how they indicate healthy blood clotting – yay!
– Sarah’s co-worker who’s returning from maternity leave in 7 work days – super yay!

Next month we’ll be reading…

Weird Girl and What’s His Name by Meagan Brothers for our meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd.

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