YA Book Club: January Recap

I was a couple minutes late for book club this time, and right when I got there Annie pulled out a present for me. She wanted me to open it before our table got cluttered with dishes. I’ll be honest. I was kind of confused for a minute. I couldn’t recall why she was handing me a present. Then I remembered that my birthday is next week. How did it get to be January 20th already?! (Now it’s January 24th.) Yikes! I’m almost 36.

Anyway, Annie and Sarah bought me this AWESOME bookish sweatshirt. It says “If you can read this, I was forced to put down my book and re-enter society.” I LOVE it! And I really needed a new hoodie. I am probably wearing it as you’re reading this post.

The Book
Annie suggested this month’s selection after seeing it mentioned in several places. It was already on my TBR list, so I quickly agreed. Sarah was instantly on board after reading that it was an artistic romance.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett

The Venue
We went to The Olive Garden. Somehow we keep ending up there for my birthday month and half birthday month. Apparently we need our Italian fix every 6 months. It was wonderful as usual.

I ordered the cheese ravioli with meat sauce and the chicken with gnocci soup – my favorite. Annie had minestrone soup and salad. And Sarah chose the salad and ravioli di portobello with alfredo sauce.

I forgot to take pictures.

The Book Discussion
We all really enjoyed the book. I mentioned again how unique and different I found the story. Sarah had actually thought about being a medical illustrator when she was younger. How wild is that?! She said she’d like to draw from cadavers, although like Bex, she said she’d probably get sick.

Sarah disliked the Zen Center aspect. She thought it was mentioned too frequently with not enough meat to the Zen elements. I said I didn’t really notice because I plowed through the book in only two days.

I mentioned that the sex scenes were exceptionally good. Annie and Sarah agreed. Although I didn’t love how casual Bex was about sex with her earlier boyfriend. I have issues with YA books setting bad examples for teenage girls.

Annie – 5 stars
Sarah – 4 stars
Me – 4 stars

The Non-Book Discussion
Sarah wasn’t feeling well, so we ended our meeting a little earlier than usual, but we still crammed in a lot of topics.

– Sarah’s recent visit to CA – where she got her cold
– Annie’s dad’s retirement
– work, work, and more work – not so fun but necessary
– how reading/working at Starbucks doesn’t always go so well
– board games: Flash Point, Codenames
– talking to kids about drinking alcohol
– the most disgusting food to throw up: McDonald’s chicken nuggets
– my SEO class

Next month we will be reading…

We Were Here by Matt de la Pena for our meeting on Wednesday, February 24th.

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  1. Reasons I love this post that have nothing to do with the book you read: 1.) cute sweatshirt! 2.) board games! 3.) talking to kids about alcohol! 4.) "I have issues with YA books setting bad examples for teenage girls." Preach!

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