Reading Together Topic #1: Arctic

Today I’m linking up with Sheila at The Deliberate Reader, Jessica at The Quirky Bookworm, and Carrie at The Lion is a Bookworm for the first post in the Reading Together Family Book Club.

One of my goals for the year is to read at least all of the picture books selected for this book club. I had high hopes of how this month would go with Christopher. I checked out the selected book and a couple of the other Arctic picture books recommended by Sheila, and I planned to have a fun morning book club with Christopher. That didn’t really happen.

Our morning started off well. I showed Christopher a picture of the world on my phone, and we talked about where the Arctic is on the map. He actually knew already. And he knew about Antarctica as well. Although he thought people didn’t live in either location.

Then we read In Arctic Waters by Laura Crawford. The beginning of the book is written in the style of The House That Jack Built only with Arctic animals. Christopher recognized the pattern right away.

The story changes in the middle and has sort of a silly ending, but we both enjoyed it well enough (3 stars). I didn’t realize narwhals were real animals, so that was kind of fun to find out.

There is an activity at the end of the book, but I couldn’t get Christopher to do it. I also couldn’t get him to discuss his favorite animal from the book or entice him to draw some of the animals. And of course reading the other books didn’t happen.

Oh well. We read something new, and we got to discuss the Arctic for a couple of minutes. I still call it a success. Maybe we’ll do better with the next topic. I’d like to include Jim as well.

Are you participating in this book club? Have you ever wanted to have a family book club?

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  1. I didn't even try to read this one with Eleanor! I thought she might think it was too young.

    But I've ended up reading it with Juliet about a dozen times, and it's funny because she loves the end, when all the animals go leaping away. šŸ™‚

  2. I'd say you did great with the theme! It might not have gone like you'd hoped, but it sounds like you both learned something — he learned there are people in the Arctic and you learned about narwhals — so I'd say it was a success! šŸ™‚

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