3 things I don’t mind spending money on

I am a fairly frugal person, and I am often looking for ways to save money. But there are three things that I spend money on without guilt. I won’t ever skimp in these areas unless Jim or I somehow end up unemployed. (Knock on wood.)

1. Plane Tickets

I moved to Wisconsin almost 14 years ago from Buffalo, NY. But I am close with my family, especially my mother and my sister. It’s better that we don’t live close to each other for reasons I won’t get in to. But it is still hard to not see my family very often. Therefore, we travel to see them as much as possible. And that adds up to a lot of plane tickets.

We save some money because Jim doesn’t always go with us to Philadelphia to visit my sister and her family when it’s between holidays. But for the major events, i.e. Thanksgiving, we all fly to Florida, and it does add up.

But whatever it costs. It’s always worth it, and I am very thankful that we have the means to travel often. Having only one child definitely helps cut down on the cost as well.

2. Babysitters

We have babysitters A LOT. Even when we don’t go out. We host a monthly game night with a bunch of friends, and we almost always have a babysitter just come and play with Christopher and put him to bed, so we can both socialize and play games the whole time.

We also love to go see movies in the theater, so we get a babysitter at least once a month for date nights as well. It’s nice for us to have some time out as a couple. And we’ve been very lucky to find a few really wonderful babysitters who love Christopher and who he loves to have over. I think given the choice, he’d have a babysitter every night!

We also have used babysitters for full weekends when we want to go out of town. And while the cost is pretty high, it’s great for occasions when we want to go to a board game weekend or a wedding and we don’t have nearby family to watch Christopher.

Again, no matter the cost, it’s always worth it to me to have some time away, and to get someone to entertain Christopher while we’re doing the things we love.

3. House Cleaner

When we moved 3 years ago, I thought Jim would do more of the house work because he’d be at home more since his job was only 7 minutes from our house. That didn’t happen. I found myself nagging him a lot to clean the house. Or there would be mold growing in the bathrooms before I finally got around to cleaning them. I just hate cleaning. And so does Jim.

I must have complained to a couple of friends because they admitted to having house cleaners. That was all I needed to hear. We hired someone right away, and we have not regretted it. Our cleaner comes every other Monday. It forces us to pick up the house at least that often. And it’s so nice to come home to a clean house. She’s even learned that we like to sleep with different blankets, so she makes the two halves of our bed separately.

I absolutely love not having to vacuum, dust, and clean the house. And it’s really improved our marriage. I no longer have to nag Jim…at least about cleaning.

What do you spend money on guilt free?

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  1. Love this! Let's see. I try to be frugal about almost everything. Along the same lines as plane tickets, we've learned to splurge on them. Our state's airport is small and overpriced, and we're only about 90 minutes from Logan in Boston. We went to Chicago and tried to save money by going through Logan instead, but we regretted it. SO MUCH HASSLE with the T and sleeping up there and driving back and forth. We were exhausted. From now on, we'll spend the money to use our local airport.

    1. I run into that sometimes too because we will fly Southwest out of Chicago-Midway to get a direct flight. I ALWAYS regret it. I did fly out of Chicago-O'Hare right after Christmas, and that's a lot closer to our house and not as close to the city, and it worked out really well. I may do that more often when flying to Buffalo as you cannot fly direct from Milwaukee unfortunately.

      But I agree. Sometimes it's just better to pay more money for the convenience and avoid the hassle. šŸ™‚

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