Family Game Night

Christopher playing Jenga (with me).

Every Monday night we’ve been trying to have Family Game Night. Just the three of us. Sometimes our family of three doesn’t really feel like enough of a family. But creating our own traditions and activities like this one helps.

We started this routine a couple of months ago, although we don’t always remember to have game night, because Jim and I hadn’t been spending enough quality time with Christopher. We were letting him watch WAY too much YouTube on the iPad. And we were doing our parallel activities.

Christopher and Jim (and me) playing Robot Turtles.

Jim actually hid the iPad on 12/4. Christopher hasn’t used it since then. And after asking for it for a couple of days, he’s actually stopped. We let him know after the initial weekend that we were taking a break. That it wasn’t lost. We’d intentionally put it away.

It’s meaning more time playing together. And hopefully it will lead to better behavior. At home. And at school. We still watch movies on the TV – together or him alone. But that’s different than watching inappropriate or “commercials” (essentially) on YouTube.

Christopher and Jim (and me) playing Hero Quest.

Our favorite games right now are Hero Quest (from Jim’s childhood), Castle Panic, Tsuro of the Seas, and King of Tokyo. Sometimes we mix in some video games as well: Wii Sports, Mario Kart, etc.

Games aren’t always played on Monday nights. But we’re at least trying to make that a routine as long as Christopher is in a good mood. If he’s over-tired, then games can be hard. He’s so competitive. As are Jim and I. Some weeks it ends in tears, but hopefully there will be more fun moments than frustrating moments.

Christopher and Jim playing something on the PlayStation. 
Lego Star Wars maybe? I don’t usually play video games.

What games do you play with your kids? We’re always looking for new ideas.

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    1. Fun. We love movie night! And puzzles too. When Christopher was 3.5 y/o, it was the Christmas of games because he was finally able to play them. He got a ton. It's even more fun now that he can play games meant for much older kids. He does really well with rules. (Not so well with competition and losing though.)

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