2015 Reading Statistics

I absolutely love Goodreads’ My Year in Books feature. It made this post so much easier.

I set my reading goal at 75 books for 2015. I blew that away by reading 120 new books. Although I don’t think 4 of them should count since they were short stories.

I was curious to see if I read more books per month once I started blogging or whether in stayed about the same. Here’s what I found out.

January           5 books
February         8 books
March             7 books
April             14 books
May              11 books
June              12 books
July               11 books
August          11 books
September      7 books
October         11 books
November       9 books
December       9 books

I’m not sure that blogging really made me read more. This data isn’t very conclusive. I also re-read about 10 books at least this year that aren’t include in these numbers, since I only have a record of re-reads for the second half of the year.

I was also curious about my ratings beyond Goodreads average rating calculation. Am I more critical since I started blogging?  This post from May shows the percentage of each rating for the last few years. Here’s how those ratings compared to this year.

                          Last 3 Years           This Year
5 Stars               18%                        11%
4 Stars               38%                        41.5%
3 Stars               28%                        31.5%
2 Stars               14%                        15%
1 Star                  2%                          1%

Hmm. I was maybe a little less generous with 5 star ratings, but the overall percentage of “good” books was still 84%. Interesting.

I was debating about setting a Goodreads goal for next year. I’ve decided to do it. I am setting my goal at 125 new books since Goodreads doesn’t count re-reads, and as you know I’m planning to re-read at least 12 books this coming year.

I think that goal should be achievable, but hopefully not too easy. It’s about 10-11 books per month, which is about my current rate of reading. That rate should be sustainable for the next year.

How many books did you read this year? What was your average rating? Are you setting a goal on Goodreads for next year?

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  1. I love seeing people's statistics. So interesting. I read 142 books this year with an average rating of 3.9. I think I'm setting my goal at 30 for next year. Blogging had today upped the amount I read but I don't think it's changed my ratings. I'll have to look into it though.

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