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With our recent home improvements and movement of furniture, I now have excellent lighting and comfortable furniture in many different rooms of the house. That means…multiple places to read! A few months ago, I was limited to reading only in our sunroom, when it was light outside, or the playroom or in my bed.

I actually prefer reading sitting up. When I lay down in bed to read, I inevitably start to fall asleep. Does anyone else have this problem?

I absolutely love having choices now when I read! Here’s a look at my favorite reading spots around the house.

The Living Room
My go-to reading location now is the love seat in the living room. It allows me to be close to Christopher when he’s playing or watching TV. But it’s my own space, so I get to feel separate as well. I sit on the love seat instead of the couch because it’s in better shape. I prefer the seat closest to the fireplace because it has better lighting.

Any of these spots will do, but I prefer the love seat left side. 

A book and a beer, which more does a girl need?

My Reading Closet
When I want to get away and read somewhere quiet and not be interrupted, I go into my “reading closet.” I converted this walk in closet into a reading space a few months ago after Jim started working from home. Our comfy reclining chair used to be in the sunroom, but once Jim made that his permanent office, he started using that room in the evenings as well to play video games.

I missed my comfortable chair and the only room on the first floor with a door, so I decided to make a reading room upstairs. Jim hauled the recliner upstairs ALL BY HIMSELF one day. It does break into two pieces, but still! I was so happy. It’s a little tight, but it’s my own space. And I can close the bedroom door and have near silence. It’s not quite sound proof. That would be amazing!

Comfy recliner and my stack of books.

I still need to get my NerdCon poster up on the wall and get some additional decorations, but I love this space at night when I want to be alone. I use it mostly while Jim is putting Christopher to bed or if I’ve had a rough day and need to get away.

This “room” has only an exposed light bulb on the ceiling, but for reading, it works great.

Reading in my closet. Haha!

The Playroom
During the day on the weekends when the sun is shining, I really love to sit on the corner of the couch in the playroom and read. Christopher can be playing nearby or in another room. I just love soaking in the sunlight.

My favorite reading corner and my favorite reading buddy.

The lighting in this room is still pretty bad, so it’s a daytime only reading space.

Reading to read!

My view while reading in the playroom. Love the sun in here!

The Sunroom
Jim bought a giant beanbag chair for his office. I’ve only used it once, but I think it will be another fun daytime spot. The other weekend Christopher and I shared the beanbag. I was reading. He was watching the iPad. We often snuggle like that, doing our parallel activities. I’ve gotten pretty good at tuning out the sound of his videos while I read.

You can’t really tell, but Christopher is kind of on my lap in the beanbag chair.

Again, bad lighting, so this spot is daytime only, unless I’m reading on my iPhone, which I do do a lot. Another bonus of this room, is that Jim’s computer is nearby, so he can do his parallel activity as well. We do our own thing a lot in our house. Is this normal?

Me reading in the beanbag chair while Jim plays on his computer.

The TV Room
At night, especially on Mondays because Jim has a standing online video game playdate with his guy friends, I like to read in the TV room. It’s farther away from the sunroom, so I can’t hear Jim while he’s Skyping with his friends. And I just love the new lighting in here and the new couch. I wasn’t able to read easily in this room for 3 years, so I am enjoying this space now that I can.

Me reading on the new sectional in the TV room.

More parallel activities – reading and watching the iPad.

My Bed
When I’m tired, I do like to lay in bed and read a few pages…or chapters. The overhead light in our room isn’t the best, but I have a clip on lamp for my bed, and it is MORE than adequate. And I don’t have to get out of bed to turn it off, which is fantastic.

He was “reading” in my bed while I was reading in the closet.

I still want to update the lighting in the playroom, the guest bedroom, and the sunroom. My goal is to be able to read anywhere, but I am happy with all of these spaces for now. It’s a lot, right?!

What’s your favorite place to read?

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  1. Your reading spots all look so cozy! I love the red couches in the living room. If I ever have a walk in closet, I might steal your idea, too šŸ™‚ And I'm the same… I like sitting up to read. When it's warm, I love reading outside on our patio. For the rest of the year, I'm usually on one of the couches in the living room or the futon in our guest room.

  2. Oh one more thing – I think I noticed The 5th Wave in your stack of books next to the recliner. What do you think of it? I'm currently reading that one. I was originally doing the audio version, but I don't like the male narrator's voice and switched to the hardback. I guess I am super picky about narrators!

  3. I love that your family does separate activities, together! Chris and I do that a lot. He'll be playing video games while I read on the couch. It works out nicely because we can chat every once in a while and still feel close, without losing time doing what we each want!

    This is a fun post, maybe I'll make one soon!

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