Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in Florida with my parents for the last six years. That first year we started a new tradition. We add our hand prints to a white table cloth, using fabric paint, and then write five things we’re thankful for. One for each finger.

It’s been fun to watch the kids hands grow. And to see how their interests, and ours, have changed over the years. The first few years we choose for them, i.e. Thomas the Train, Friends at daycare, etc. Now they’re old enough to choose for themselves, which is awesome!

It’s gets harder and harder to come up with unique things to be thankful myself. I don’t want each hand print to say the same five things: family, friends, financial stability, etc. I try to add a couple of unique things each year.

This year I am thankful for…

1) Kindergarten Activities/Friends 

We moved to New Berlin a little more than 3 years ago, and we knew no one. I’ve tried to make friends with other parents at daycare, and I was somewhat successful, but the ultimate for me has always been when Christopher started elementary school. I knew he’s be there longer and all of the families there would live near us. Families came to our daycare from all over. We had enough friends outside of our town. I wanted people who lived nearby.

Thanks to sports this summer before school and now all of the school events, we are finally meeting other families in our town. I’m loving it! I even started a new book club, which I’ve been wanting to do for 3 years, with other moms from Christopher’s grade.

2) Evenings Off

Some time within the last year, I think, Jim and I changed the bedtime routine. We now have assigned nights of the week, which allows us to more easily schedule activities for our evenings. I feel like I’ve become more of my own person again in the last year and a half, not just “Mommy.” I now have Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays off from putting Christopher to bed, so I have time to read or go out with friends for Girls Night or Book Club. It’s so necessary!

3) Jim

I could not read as much as I do or have any real time to myself without Jim. We’ve both been traveling more for work the last 5 months, and while I love my time away, Jim’s time away has made me more appreciative of when he’s around. I do not want to ever be a single parent. It is hard! I need him around to share the responsibilities, to fix stuff around the house, and to hang out with, both at home and when we go out.

4) The Book Blogging Community

When I started this blog in May, one of my reasons was to connect with other book lovers. I love reading other bloggers posts, commenting on the books they’re reading, and getting ideas of what to read next. And it makes me so happy to have other people reading my posts and commenting with their own thoughts and ideas. I have found a group of other bloggers that I interact with almost daily, and it’s made this whole experience so much more valuable. I am thankful for all of you!

5) Christopher

My son can be challenging. He knows how to push buttons and drive me crazy. But he also brings so much joy to my life. Watching him learn things and seeing him experience new things in the world is so satisfying. I am awe of him ALMOST every day.

What are you thankful for today? Does your family have any unique Thanksgiving traditions?

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