Life Milestone: Loosing the First Tooth

Christopher has had a loose tooth for a long time. I mentioned it back in my September recap, and then in October I made a tooth fairy pillow, so we’d be all ready when the time came. The new tooth has been growing in behind the old one for many weeks as well. Last Sunday Christopher took this super cute selfie on his double tooth.

Double tooth selfie!
Friday night we were at the playground (indoor) for a kindergarten play date, and Christopher came over saying his tooth was really wiggly. And it actually was! He was able to get it to stick straight out when he closed his mouth. 
Eww. Check out that tooth!
He kept wiggling it and wiggling it for the last 30 minutes of the play date. He was determined to get it out, and so was I actually. Although I tried to encourage him to wait until we got home, so we wouldn’t lose it.
Wiggling his tooth. I tried to ignore how dirty his hands must have been.
When we got home, he had some apple slices to try and get it to fall out. It didn’t work. I was able to twist it around backwards, but then it started hurting so I stopped. I tried pulling as well. No luck.
You gotta bite it with your front tooth, Buddy!
We headed upstairs for bedtime. I brushed his teeth a whole lot, trying to get it to come out. Nope. I only succeeded in making it bleed.
Many weeks ago when he was nervous about losing his tooth, he told me he didn’t want it to bleed a lot. I told him it probably wouldn’t bleed too much, but that that was actually my favorite part of losing teeth when I was little. I really liked the taste of the blood. Am I the only one? I told him it tasted like metal (iron, ya know?). And then I let him lick a coin to see how it tasted.
When the time came, he wasn’t bothered by the blood. Maybe my little pep talk and experiment helped, or maybe he was just so excited about the money the tooth fairy was going to bring. Who knows? 
Anyway…we went into his room to read stories. He kept wiggling. He let me try to pull it out again, this time using a tissue, so I could get a good grip. It was still holding on by a thread. We read for about 20 minutes. I really wanted to tooth to come out, so he wouldn’t stay up all night playing with it. Or end up losing it in his sleep. And we had a babysitter coming on Saturday night, so I didn’t want to have to have her deal with it. Translation = I didn’t want to miss any of the excitement! Seriously, I’m not sure who was more excited, him or me. Jim stayed downstairs because he was a little grossed out. Ha!
After stories I tucked him in and convinced him to let me try one more time. It came right out. It was amazing. Perfect timing! It bled a lot more than I thought it would. We needed two tissues. 
Success! First lost tooth.
We headed downstairs to show Daddy. He joined in with tons of enthusiasm. When we got back upstairs, Christopher wanted to check out his hole in the bathroom.
Checking out the hole in the mirror.
I took more pictures. I actually almost forgot to get these shots. 
The hole. It’s a little ruined because the new tooth is already in, 
but he still looked pretty cute in our family portrait pictures on Saturday.
Then we put his tooth inside the tooth fairy pillow and put the tooth fairy pillow under his pillow. He was going to make me work for it! I mean…the tooth fairy. 
The boy and his tooth fairy pillow. It matches his room. Pure coincidence.
I told him he could reach under his pillow and feel the tooth through the pocket on the tooth fairy pillow, but I didn’t want him to take it out because I didn’t want it to get lost. Amazingly enough, he went right to sleep. 
A few hours later, I went into his room to play tooth fairy. Luckily, he sleeps with the light on, so I could see what I was doing. He was moving a little in his sleep, but I was able to extract the small pillow from under his big pillow, replace the tooth with a dollar bill, and tuck the tooth fairy pillow back under his pillow without him waking up. 
I measured the pocket to perfectly fit a folded dollar bill.
Now I only have to do it 19 more times.
This is my pillow from childhood. My sister has it.
I made Christopher’s pillow from memory. Not bad, huh?
Do you enjoy playing the tooth fairy? How much do you leave for your kids? Do you have a tooth fairy pillow?

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