Friday Fiction #6: Fear (with link up)

I started the Fiction Friday series in October to help improve my descriptive prose writing. Perhaps I’ll write a book some day, most likely not, but I’m enjoying being creative each week. If you’d like to write along with me, I will have a link up for the series each week. Add a link to fiction on your blog.

This week’s story is pretty short as I’m preparing the posts early because of Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Madeline has to hide. Quickly! She searches around frantically for somewhere she can squeeze her body, so HE can’t find her. She has to hurry. Time is running out!
She finds a small cavern. Will she fit in here? She has to. She’s out of time. HE will be coming after her very soon. She gets down on all fours and backs herself into the hole. She makes her body as small as she possibly can. She tucks her arms in tightly to her sides. She tucks her chin down to her chest.
She hears HIS voice call out. Oh no! HE is coming. She hopes HE won’t be able to see her in this tiny space, won’t be able to hear her breathing.
She breathes softly, trying to slow her rapidly beating heart. Her hands grab at the fabric of her shirt. She grits her teeth.
She can hear HIS footsteps. HE is very close. HE is going to find her. She knows it. She holds her breathe and listens as hard as she can.
“Found you!” Michael yells.
“Oh, man,” Madeline wails. She’s been discovered. She climbs out of her hiding spot as Michael moves on, trying to find his next victim in this game of hide-n-seek. 
Madeline heads back to the couch in the family room, the starting place for this game. She’ll wait patiently for everyone else to be found. And then, they’ll play again.
Your turn! 


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