Month in review: October

What happened to October?! Seriously. This month went by way too quickly. It was full and busy though, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Here’s a recap…

– I finished 12 books this month (4 audio, 7 paper, 1 Kindle), including 1 re-read.
– I read my October book for the 2015 Reading Challenge, but I still haven’t finished by September book. I need to get through it this month because it’s due back at the library very soon.
– My YA Book Club had a short meeting earlier this month. Next month we’ll be reading The Program by Suzanne Young and discussing it on November 18th if you’d like to read along with us.
– Inspired by The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I am giving up my Summer Reading Challenge. I donated the remaining 3 books that were mine to the library. I will still read Americanah because I’ve heard such good things about it. And then I’ll return that book to my best friend, Colleen, since it belongs to her cousin.

– I started writing fiction every Friday with my new series, Fiction Friday.
– I added a logo to my site thanks to my friend Sarah. And I changed by blog colors and background. I love the new look, and I feel so professional now. I even printed business cards for NerdCon. I only handed out two, but still. I have them now.

– I had a really great month at work this month. Finally! I’m still not sure IT is what I want to be doing long term, but I am feeling much better about my current job. I am able to be productive day to day, which is a good feeling.
– My co-worker quit though and his last day was Wednesday, so hopefully we can find someone else right away, so I don’t have to try to carry his workload as well. I don’t really know much about the applications he was working on.

– My foot is getting better, slowly. I am hoping exercise can happen in November.

– Christopher’s loose tooth hasn’t fallen out yet, but I did get the tooth fairy pillow done early this month, so we’re all ready.
– I switched Christopher’s booster seat to use the guided seat belt, in one car at least. I need to remove the harness from the seat in Jim’s car still. Christopher is loving the flexibility the real seat belt allows. He can lean forward and get things out of the seat back pocket. Big excitement for sure!

Christopher in stage 2 of his booster seat.

– We celebrated Christopher’s half birthday on October 18th.
– Christopher started taking showers instead of baths. It’s a little tricky trying to wash him from outside the shower, but he’s really liking the spray of the water. And he’s finally not afraid of water on his head and face. Yay!
– We had our final soccer games. The kids all got medals, and I wrote them all letters praising their skills and growth. I also got an adorable card from the kids and a Barnes & Noble gift card. So fun!

Christopher after the last soccer game with his card, 
medal, and popcorn. Hooray for the end of the season!

– I attended NerdCon earlier this month with my friend, Sarah. And I met Rainbow Rowell!
– My mother came to visit at the beginning of the month while Jim was still in Spain. We had a low key visit with lots of Gramma time for Christopher and redecorating fun for me. My mother is a master at interior decorating as she and my dad move a lot.
– Jim and I saw The Martian movie and my friend Sarah and I saw the second Maze Runner movie.
– We introduced Christopher to Harry Potter by watching the first movie and then reading the illustrated edition of the first book. We have seven chapters left.  Then he’s allowed to watch the second movie.
– All things Halloween! We went to the pumpkin farm last weekend. Christopher had a Halloween party at school yesterday and a school dance last night. And then today we’ll be carving pumpkins and Trick or Treating. I’ll get some pictures up tomorrow.

– We got the rest of our house painted. I’ll post the pictures soon. I promise.
– Jim also installed some new light fixtures. I love them all.
– And we bought a new sectional couch for our TV room. We still need to buy some tables to go with it, but the room looks so much nicer already.

I am really excited for November. There are so many good books coming out this month. And it’s almost Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! It’s always been my favorite holiday. And I can’t wait to spend time with my family in Florida.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be participating in #FindJoyInNovember. A challenge created by Katie at Stars and Stress. Follow my Instagram for pictures. I’ll have some posts on the blog for the challenge as well.

What have you been up to this month? Do you have anything fun planned for next month?

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  1. Sounds like you had an excellent month!! Love the new look of the blog. Glad things are going better with work. I am super jealous you met Rainbow Rowell! She is my favorite. I also love Thanksgiving and host it. Can't wait for it! Hope November is as good for you!

    1. Thanks! It was a good month. I am really happy I am enjoying my work more. That helps a lot with day to day happiness. Don't be too jealous – meeting Rainbow Rowell was mostly awkward. šŸ™‚ Seeing her speak was way cooler. Enjoy Thanksgiving! We sometimes host Christmas, and it's so fun. I love opening up my home for holidays.

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