Home Improvement: Painting

Three years ago when we moved into our house, we made a tentative list of home improvements we wanted to do. This spring we finally got some lighting installing in our living room, and this past week we had the remaining rooms on the first floor painted.

We’d had the kitchen/laundry room and the upstairs painted last winter, but it was too much for me to decide on paint colors for the whole house all at once.

Our home improvement list from 2012. We’re getting there.

Our house was a MESS last week. Sunday night Jim and I spent a couple of hours preparing the sunroom, the playroom, and the bathroom for painting. Then on Monday night we moved more furniture to get the living room ready. And then we shifted even more stuff around on Wednesday night to get the family room set up to be painted.

It was exhausting!

Here are some pictures amid the chaos.

The living room all prepped and ready for the painter.
The family room mid-painting.
The playroom during my clean up.
The living room mid-clean up. 

The family room post painting.
The sunroom, the ultimate dumping ground mid clean up.

I had to scramble to write blog posts at work last week because I had packed away my laptop and desk at home. We didn’t even have a TV all weekend long because Jim was out of town, and I didn’t even know where to begin in trying to get it set up.

We watched Netflix on Jim’s laptop in the guest bedroom, cuddling in the new bean bag chair Jim ordered for his office.

Christopher hogging the whole bean bag chair. He wouldn’t share with me.

I put together a bunch of the rooms this weekend, and Jim started on the TV room last night. We were at least able to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone albeit without surround sound. We still haven’t made much progress in the sunroom, so Jim is continuing to work out of his old office upstairs in the guest bedroom. But we’ll get there.

I’ll post before and after pictures once we have everything put back together. For now I will say that I love how the colors turned out, and I am very happy we had the painting done. It was just A LOT more work than I was expecting, considering we didn’t even do the painting.

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