YA Book Club: September 2015

Wednesday night was the September meeting of my YA book club.

The Book
I suggested this book after reading about it on Rebel Mommy’s Book Blog and The Perpetual Page Turner. I love the Little Mermaid. And I love summer romances. Happily, Sarah and Annie agreed right away that this would be a good book for our group.

The Venue
This month we met at P.F. Chang’s, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Jim doesn’t like it that much, so I have to go with my girls when I can.

I love their beef with broccoli, so, as usual, I got that. Annie had chicken fried rice, and Sarah had shrimp fried rice. Both looked so good, but I was saving my carbs for dessert. I got their cheesecake. It’s amazing! Sarah had the chocolate dome cake with vanilla ice cream, which Annie shared.

And of course, we all had our fortune cookies.

From the top, going clockwise: mine, Annie’s (originally Sarah’s, 
they switched), and Sarah’s.

Then Annie had to snap this picture of me 
trying to be artistic by putting the fortunes on my leaf (mint?).

The Book Discussion
I found the book to be just OK (3 stars) – see my review. I had seen Annie’s rating earlier this month when she finished it and updated Goodreads. She also gave it 3 stars.

Sarah is not an avid Goodreads user, so we always have to wait for our actual book club meeting to hear her rating/thoughts. She gave this book 3 stars as well.

Annie agreed with me (or maybe I agreed with her since she finished first) about Elyse being annoying. Sarah found something irksome about Elyse and Christian’s relationship. She wasn’t buying the whole player settling down so quickly aspect.

I said the regatta plot reminded me of an episode of Dawson’s Creek. Admit it. You know what I’m talking about.

Sarah didn’t catch the whole Little Mermaid tie-in, and both Sarah and Annie didn’t understand the metaphorical mermaid transformed into a girl portion at the end. Although I completely missed that Elyse had intentional fallen into the ocean right before that.

We were all SHOCKED by a certain one-sided sexual act about midway through the book. I think that was a first for me in a YA book. Wow.

The Non-Book Discussion
In addition to the book talk, we also chatted about:

– our weekend plans
– Jim’s upcoming business trip to Spain (he leaves tomorrow afternoon and will be gone for a week)
– falling asleep on the couch and our grumpy behavior when our husbands/boyfriend wake us up
– strokes
– pregnancy cravings: “This ONE time…I was craving a pop tart.” True story. But mostly I craved meat and milk. I don’t know how we even got on that subject.
– Christopher’s school, Annie’s job – the shenanigans kids pull with their teachers
– and many other things I can’t remember

Sarah and Annie. They both said they’d DIE if they had to wear that birthday hat 
shown in the background. I thought it would be fun.

We finally got a group picture outside the restaurant. Yay!

Did you read the book along with us this month?

Do you want to join us next month?

We’ll be reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson for our next meeting on Wednesday, October 14th.

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