The meaning of my blog name

I’ve been following blogs for several years. Currently, I read mostly of book blogs, one personal finance blog, and a handful of blogs written by friends or friends of friends/family. I read a lot of mommy blogs when Christopher was younger. There aren’t as many mommy blogs for older kids. Or maybe it’s just that most mom’s have additional kids, so they can keep talking about baby stuff for way longer than I wanted to read about it.

Christopher at 16 months.

When I thought about starting this blog, I didn’t want to restrict myself to one specific area. I couldn’t starts a mommy blog because Christopher is too old, but I still wanted to be able to write about him and our family and give parenting advice (perhaps) to other parents with similar struggles.

I wanted to write about books, but I didn’t want to feel like I could only write about books. I read a lot, but I can’t possible post about books 6 days a week. I don’t read that much! And I don’t have a ton of bookish thoughts, other than reviews.

Christopher “reading” and watching The Neverending Story.

I wanted to share recipes that are practical for working moms who are trying to eat healthier, but I don’t create recipes and I can’t take beautiful food pictures. I knew I couldn’t start a food blog.

I wanted to write a little bit of everything. Everything within my realm. I wanted the blog to be called Mom’s Realm or, even better, Mom’s Domain. But those names were taken.

Hiking when Christopher was almost 2.

I confess. I used to find a similar word and blog name that wasn’t taken. That’s how I settled on Mom’s Radius.’s 5th definition of radius is “a field or range of operation or influence.”

That seemed perfect! I could blog about everything within my circle of influence.

Do you have a blog? How did you pick your blog name?

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