A winning combination for preschool boys

Dino-Baseball by Lisa Wheeler

Have you read any of Lisa Wheeler’s Dino Sports books?  They are genius!  They combine young boys’ love of sports and dinosaurs in a lyrical explanation of each sport. Some books are better than others – with an actual game being played out throughout the books. Others just throw in as much jargon as possible from the designated sport. But in general, both Christopher and I love these books.

Dino-Wrestling by Lisa Wheeler

Each book pits the meat eaters against the veggie eaters in a new sport. And each books ends with a teaser about the next sport (book) coming soon. We discovered these books in early 2014 I think, and when we read Dino-Wrestling, which has a teaser about Dino-Boarding at the end, I had to look up when that book was coming out. Not until September! I thought Christopher would forget about it. Nope. Later that year he asked again when Dino-Boarding was coming out. He’s just like me. He looks forward to new books by a beloved author. It still wasn’t September, but this time I put the release date on my calendar and reserved it from the library right away when it came out. Now the countdown is on for Dino-Swimming which comes out this October.

Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler

That’s how fun these books are! My five year old is looking forward to the next book for months. We’ve gotten them out of the library several times. Christopher even named Dino-Soccer as his favorite book for his birthday questions this year.

Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler

I bought Dino-Soccer and Dino-Football for my nephew last Christmas. I thought it would be a fun way for my brother-in-law to share his love of those two sports with his son. And I hoped Andy would enjoy the books as much as Christopher does.

If you have a preschool boy (or girl) in your life, I highly recommend these books.

Other sports not pictured:
Dino-Swimming (coming in October 2015)

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