Why are youth sports so stressful?

Christopher Baseball

My life is consumed with sports right now, and it’s majorly stressing me out. Am I the only one? Select Baseball As I mentioned a few months ago, Christopher is playing select baseball right now. You may recall that I never wanted him to play baseball at all, but he loves it. His team has […]

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Recent House Improvements

Guest Bathroom

In January I declared 2018 “the year of small improvements.” The last few months I’ve been focusing on our master bedroom and the upstairs bathrooms. We didn’t do anything major, but these small improvements have made our lives a bit more pleasant. Master Bedroom New Sheets For the last couple of years we’d been surviving […]

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Our Spring Break Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Ship

For part of spring break, we went on a three night Disney cruise to the Bahamas. It was so wonderful that we’ve already booked our 7 night Disney cruise for next spring break! I meant to write this post sooner when it was a little more fresh in my mind, but thankfully the pictures will […]

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Month in Photos: April 2018

Florida Fishing

April was a busy month. So busy that I didn’t find any time to blog. Ugh. I’m doing a time diary in May to try to understand where all of my time is going because I feel like April was just crazy busy and overwhelming, which it was, but I should have still found time […]

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Month in Photos: March 2018

St Patricks Day

March was a busy month, and it seems to have flown by. Pictures from this month We went to an Admirals hockey game, and Christopher and I got our picture on one of the screens by posting it to Instagram with the #milhockey hashtag. We were pretty excited. Christopher has been diligently working on this […]

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Our Current Screen Time Policy

iPad on Table

I may have mentioned that my mother bought Christopher an iPad for Christmas. We had one until December 2016 when ours broke, but since then we’d only had the Kindle Fire we bought Christopher for his 7th birthday. The Kindle Fire is nowhere near as good as an iPad, so we didn’t have too many […]

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Month in Photos: February 2018

Chess Match

And just like that, the worst of winter is behind us. I love that February is the shortest month because it’s usually the most torturous in terms of weather. We packed a good amount into this short month, but I didn’t take a lot of pictures..except those of food. More on that soon. February Photos […]

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Struggling to Connect

Jim and Christopher playing Play-Doh

Last Saturday I spent 6.5 hours at a chess tournament with Christopher, and, while it was rather boring, it was kind of the perfect activity for a weekend day. He was occupied with the tournament and practicing chess or playing outside with a friend in between matches. I was able to read my book or […]

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Month in Photos: January 2018

Hockey Cheering

I was lazy in 2017, and I didn’t write any monthly recap posts. They take a lot of work, and I just didn’t want to do them anymore. This year I am going to try something new. I am going to share photos taken throughout the month and then just include small captions or descriptions. […]

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