Juvenile Pile: Heartfelt and Humorous

This week I am sharing a mix of library books and books we own. We’re continuing to read a lot of picture books this summer. Here are some of them.

Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman

Perfect for ages 2-4, this book is a showcase of underwear…on vegetables. It’s colorful and simple, and I’m sure it’s meant to be read by families starting out on the potty training road. The best part is when the broccoli makes a mistake in saying that babies wear underwear. It’s cute and fun, and it was a very easy read for Christopher.

3 Stars

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Sometimes you just need to read a classic. I loved listening to Christopher read this book – one of my all-time favorites. My sister bought it for him for his baby shower, so he got to read her inscription as well. This book is the perfect metaphor for parenthood. After reading it, I asked him when the tree was happy. He got it perfectly right: when she’s doing things for the boy, when she’s with the boy, and when the boy spends time with her. I think it could also be an example of The Five Languages of Love.

5 Stars

Have You Seen Elephant? by David Barrow

Christopher did a great job reading this book even though it’s printed in cursive. A little boy is playing hide and seek with an elephant. The elephant says he’s really good at the game, and the boy does have trouble finding him, but the reader doesn’t. Christopher didn’t really find this book amusing. I think he’s too old. I could just hear 3 year-old Christopher laughing at this book as I imagined reading it with him at a younger age. The illustrations are gorgeous water colors. I really liked it.

4 Stars

My Father Knows the Names of Things by Jane Yolen

I bought this book for Jim for Father’s Day when Christopher was a baby I think. We’ve read it many times over the years, and now finally Christopher was able to read it to me. It’s a poetic story about a boy and his father and all the things his father teaches him. It’s simple and sweet, and the illustrations are very whimsical and adorable.

4 Stars

In the Tree House by Andrew Larsen

I read this book, mostly to myself because Christopher was picking out books to read. It’s a story about a boy whose older brother no longer has time to play with him in their tree house. He reminisces about them building the tree house with their father. Then one night the power goes out in the neighborhood, and his brother has time for him again. It’s sad but also wonderful.

4 Stars

Spring Is Here (Bear and Mole) by Will Hillenbrand

I bought this book for Christopher for Easter when he was 2 years old, so it’s another book that we’ve read a bunch, and now he got to read it on his own. Mole tries to wake Bear up all day long, but he just snores and snores. I remember little Christopher doing the snoring noises over the years. In the end, when Bear finally wakes up, it’s Mole who’s snoring, exhausted after his busy day of making Bear breakfast. It’s funny and sentimental, a great read for ages 3-6.

4 Stars

What books are wrapping up your kids’ summer?

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  1. Thanks for this informative post and for providing us with more books to choose from for our kids. I'm sure you have done a lot of mothers a favour, it's not easy finding good children books. Keep up the good work.

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