Juvenile Pile: Library Summer Reading Program

We’ve been doing the library’s summer reading program again this summer. You have to mark off each 15 minute increment and sign off on each hour. And then for every 6 hours of reading, your child gets a prize. Christopher got his first prize this week. There is a selection of discounts or free tickets to local attractions. He picked the trampoline park.

Here are some of the books he read to earn that prize.

Independent Reads

Gryphons Aren’t So Great (Adventures in Cartooning) by James Sturm & Alexis Frederick-Frost

I love these junior comic book style books. The main character is a knight with a horse named Edward. They get into all kinds of adventures together. In this one the horse is jealous of the knight’s new pet gryphon. It’s short and cute, and a great independent read for ages 6-8, depending on your child’s reading level. Christopher read this book quickly.

3 Stars

Sleepless Knight (Adventures in Cartooning) by James Sturm & Alexis Frederick-Frost

In this book, knight is going on a camping trip with Edward the horse. They’ve packed everything they need, but they cannot from Teddy at bedtime. A helpful rabbit thinks he knows what’s being described, but she leads them to a bear. It’s amusing and a great, short graphic novel for early readers.

4 Stars

Fly High, Fly Guy! (Fly Guy #5) by Tedd Arnold

This book is silly, but a perfect read for beginning readers. It’s well below Christopher’s reading level, but the repeating “chorus” is great for reinforcing and building confidence for early readers. Fly Guy’s boy and his family are going on a road trip, and Fly Guy tags along. He’s “lost” at each place, which is a fun hide-and-seek for the reader. But he’s always found on the next page, and in the end he saves the day.

4 Stars

Roger is Reading a Book by Koen van Biesen

This is another simple book, but it’s so fun. Roger is reading a book, but his next door neighborhood, Emily, is making a racket – bouncing a ball, dancing, etc. Roger keeps getting frustrated and knocking on the wall to try to get her to be quiet. In the end, the gift of a book quiets her down. I loved the illustrations in this book. And Christopher read it with great inflection.

4 Stars

The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz

I loved this book! It’s a retelling of The Three Little Pigs, but instead they’re studying martial arts. The first pig gives up after two weeks, so when the wolf comes, he cannot defend himself. The second pig goes a little longer, but still cannot win, just like how sticks are stronger than straw. The third pig (a girl!) studies through her black belt and keeps practicing. The wolf is afraid to even try to fight her. The brothers learn their lesson and decide to stick with their studies.

5 Stars

Read Aloud Books

The Two and Only Kelly Twins by Johanna Hurwitz

I couldn’t resist getting this book from the library since it’s about twins, and I’m a twin. I knew Christopher wouldn’t read it because it’s a contemporary book about girls, but he did listen to me read it to him. It plays on the twinness a little more that I would have liked, but it’s a fun book about sisters and friendship. I good alternative to Junie B. Jones for young readers.

3 Stars

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

We’d read this book before a couple of years ago, but my sister mentioned it to me again after we visited The Highline during our Girls Weekend in NYC. It’s a cute story about a boy who starts a garden on an old elevated train track, and it sparks a rebirth of greenery around the entire city. After reading it, I finally showed Christopher a picture that I’d taken of the trees and plants growing up around the train tracks on The Highline.

3 Stars

At the Same Moment, Around the World by Clotilde Perrin

This book is very unique. It’s a very tall and narrow book, and it takes the reader around the world, showing what someone is doing at the same moment in each of the time zones. At the end of the book is a map of the world showing which time zone each character was in. It’s pretty cool. The activities the people are doing are secondary to the concept of time though. I was hoping for a little more reality in each of the places.

4 Stars

Does your library have a summer reading program? Are your kids participating? What prizes have they earned?

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