Christopher’s Corner: Mini-Reviews by Christopher

Last night when I mentioned blogging about a book we were reading, Christopher asked if today we could read some books, so he could write about them on my computer. Perhaps this will be a regular thing.

He Came with the Couch by David Slonim

I liked this book because it’s silly. A boy and his parents buy a couch from a rummage lot, and it comes with a blue guy who won’t get off the couch.

It was weird because there were couches everywhere: in the grand canyon, the beach, and the Lincoln memorial.


There’s a Cat in Our Class!: A Tale about Getting Along by Jeanie Franz Ransom

I liked this book because I like the pictures. I like the animals. I like the background.

This book is about getting along with others. The dogs in the class have to learn to get along with the new student, a cat.


Have your kids ever written on your blog?

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  1. Hi Christopher! That is my son's name, too! He hasn't written on my blog, but my daughter Sheridan has.

    I like "He Came with the Couch" so much, we will be using it in story time in a week or two, for our "Save the Day" theme! For our craft we are going to design couch potatoes, kind of like a Mr. Potato Head but with crazy colors.

    1. Great name choice, Ami! My Christopher is named for Christopher Robin. How about yours? šŸ™‚

      That's fun that your daughter has written for your blog. Christopher did it once before when I was writing a juvenile pile post. He added a comment, but this was his first solo post. Although it took a lot of coaxing to get him to finish this. Haha.

      He Came with the Couch will be perfect for your story time. How fun! Enjoy.

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