Kid Lit: There, There

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

There, There by Tim Beiser

To be published on June 1, 2017.

Goodreads Summary:
Do you ever feel like everything is terrible? Like nothing is ever right and you just want to hide under your pillow? Well Rabbit does, and he’s not shy about sharing it. He whines, he complains, he moans, he grumps… until Bear has had enough and decides it’s time for Rabbit to learn to appreciate what he has. Using nothing but the lowly common earthworm as an example, he teaches Rabbit a lesson about taking things for granted. Something the worm knows all about… 

My Thoughts:
The moral of this story was good. Rabbit is always complaining, and Bear usually says, “There, There.” One day he cannot take it anymore though, and he shows Rabbit a worm and tries to explain that Rabbit has things pretty good compared to the worm. It’s a little more telling vs. showing than I usually prefer in a kids book, but it gets the point across.

This book is written in rhyme, which is not my preferred writing style. It’s kind of clunky at times and would be a little challenging as a read aloud.

I loved the illustrations, especially the chess game in the opening spread. The pages were full with so much for kids to look at.

I enjoyed this book as a single read, but it isn’t one I would want to own.

My Rating: 3 stars

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