Junie B. Jones / Garden Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I went with Christopher’s 1st grade class on their spring field trip. We went to a First Stage Children’s Theater performance of Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook. It was a play adapted from the books Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook and Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren. We’d never read those two books, but you know we’ve read quite a few Junie B. Jones books in our house.

Program from Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook and field trip instructions.

I was assigned two other students to chaperone alone with Christopher. Both were girls I’ve known for a couple of years, so that made things a little easier. There was some shuffling of seats on the bus, and Christopher and I ended up sitting together. He was in a kind of crabby mood, and he just wanted to stare out the window.

Christopher on the bus ride to the theater.

When we got to the theater, there were many other school groups there. The theater staff led the groups in one by one after reviewing the theater rules, and we were given pretty great seats – last row on the floor in the center section. It’s a pretty small theater with seating on three sides and a small balcony.

Christopher, Katie, and Ryleigh at First Stage Children’s Theater.

We shared one program, and I flipped through it with the kids a little before the show started. We even did a couple of the pre-show questions. The cast of the play was elementary and middle school students, and Christopher thought it was pretty cool that they were missing school to do the performance.

The play was amazing! The young girl her played Junie B. Jones talked almost the entire hour. I was so impressed with her ability to memorize all of those lines and her mastery of Junie B. Jones’ personality. She was spot on. I really loved how she narrated the story while also interacting with other characters in the play. It was exactly the same as the way the book series is written. The rest of the cast (Mrs., Principal, Warren, Meany Jim, Grace, Lucille, etc.) were all great as well. We really enjoyed the show.

After the theater we went to the Boerner Botanical Gardens, so that meant another bus ride. There were post-show questions and “Who Said What?” lines in the program, so Christopher and I did them together (he got all but 1 right – I was impressed), and then he read them to the girls. That took pretty much all of the the time to get to the garden.

Christopher reading questions to Katie and Ryleigh on the bus.

We had lunch at on the patio at the garden, and then we had a quick plant lesson where the kids got to plant pumpkin seeds. Ours are now growing rapidly in our kitchen. Then our garden volunteer took us on a tour of the garden.

We saw many plants and trees, and even went on a boardwalk through the swampy area where we tried to hear nature. One kid thought he heard a ferret. The kids also got to smell skunk cabbage and taste chives. I was a little jealous that some of the kids actually liked the chives. I wish Christopher would eat onions.

Our guide, Jean, talking to the kids on the boardwalk.

Before we left the garden we got a group picture of the whole class. First grade was such a great year for Christopher. I’m pretty sad that it’s now over. His teacher was amazing, and I don’t know if we’ll have another one as amazing as her.

Mrs. Destache’s first grade class.

It was a great day, and the perfect end to a wonderful school year.

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