The love of a little boy…

Since Christopher has been born, I have wished for him to be older. Every day is better than the last in my mind because he’s growing up. I don’t particularly like babies or toddlers. I prefer older children. Ones you can actually have conversation with. Young people you can reason with.

So as Christopher has gotten older, I have never wished to return to a prior age. This fact is a huge part of why we never had a second child. I couldn’t do it all over again. I have often wondered whether there would be an age that I wouldn’t enjoy and then might look longingly on a previous time. I don’t really think that will happen (until perhaps he goes away to college), but you never know.

I do have to say though that I am loving our current age. 6.75 years old is pretty marvelous, and the main reason is that Christopher is suddenly very much in love with me. He will often stop what he is doing to spontaneously kiss me, hug me, or tell me how very much he loves me. It’s so sweet. And I know it’s 100% genuine. He’s not at all saying it to butter me up for something he wants. He’s just honestly expressing the feelings in his heart.

Snuggling on the couch when he was sick earlier this month.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever want to return to this age once we move beyond it, but I know for sure that I never want to forget it.

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  1. My daughter is at that exact age right now, too, and it is pretty nice. Old enough to have a conversation, but young enough that they still show spontaneous affection (even in public). Enjoy your moments!! Thanks for a post that made me smile.

  2. It is a pretty great age. There's good stuff coming as he gets older and more independent, crazy smart and helpful around the house – but the ardant expressions of love are in pretty peak season right now. Enjoy those snuggles šŸ™‚

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