Reading Parties – a parenting dream come true

When my twin sister and I were about 12 years old, we used to have “Reading Parties” with our mother in my parents’ king size bed. Each of us would read our own book quietly, but we’d all be together. Since having Christopher I realized that this was my mother’s way of getting her own reading time in, and I have been looking forward to that the time when Christopher would be old enough for us to have our own reading party.

Guess what? That time is here!

On 12/22 Christopher and I had our very first reading party. We had been talking on the way home from wrestling practice about when we could buy some Junie B. Jones books. I told him when he finished a whole Junie B. book, then we could go to the book store and buy a couple to keep. He had borrowed Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus from the school library that day.

When we got home, he took his shower quickly, and then we got comfy in my bed. He read 4 chapters of Junie B. while I read Heartless. It was wonderful!

He finished the book by the end of the next week, so we went to Barnes and Noble last weekend, and he picked out 3 Junie B. books to keep. I see plenty more reading parties in our future!

Have you ever had a reading party?

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    1. Also wanted to share that some of my mom friends and I have been discussing having a different kind of reading party. This involves us all getting together and sitting (with a glass of wine) reading our books and not talking to each other while our spouses watch the kids (elsewhere). So far we haven't made this a reality, but it's a nice idea, isn't it?

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