Juvenile Pile: Animals and Non-Fiction

Last week I was putting away laundry when Christopher came into my room wanting to hang out. Seeing that I was busy, he decided he wanted to read me a book he’d read the previous night with the babysitter. The particular book was so funny that he felt he had to share it with me. I absolutely loved that notion.

I’ll start my list this week with that book.
This book is pretty funny. A boy in a restaurant repeatedly asks for new bowls of soup because each one contains an animal. The animals get crazier and crazier and the boy is quite dramatic. This book is a great read aloud. I enjoyed listening to my son read it to me. And he had a fun time reading it and pointing out the animals in order when we got to the last page. 
4 Stars

Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson
This book is another fun one in the Bear series. This time bear has a loose tooth. All of the other forest animals try to help him pull it out. I selected this book from the library because Christopher once again has a couple of loose teeth. It’s a fun read for kids about to or in the midst of losing their own teeth. It even has the tooth fairy at the end. 
4 Stars

This book was another great addition to a really awesome non-fiction series for kids. Once again the two animals are described and compared for many pages, and then they’re pitted against each other in a fight. I didn’t know much about either of these animals, so I learned a lot. The fight wasn’t as dramatic as some of the others in the series, but we still enjoyed this book quite a bit.
4 Stars

Maxwell the Monkey Barber by Cale Atkinson
I didn’t like this book as much as I was hoping. I think I’d read that it was really funny, but I just found it kind of odd. Maxwell is a monkey barber. He cuts hair, mustaches, and manes for other animals in the jungle. The animals all have really, really long hair, and he ends up with a lot of clippings. He needs something to do with all of them, and the perfect solution comes along. It took Christopher a minute to figure out what had happened when he saw the picture. He read this book, and maybe he liked it more than I did. We didn’t really discuss it. Maybe my expectations were too high.
2 Stars

Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda
I love interactive books. This book was such fun. Christopher read it, and he did everything the book asked – tilted it, shook it, turned it upside down. I wasn’t sure if he would, but he really got into it. In this book bunny is skiing, but he needs some help making the snow and the hill. The reader gets to participate in the story, and you even get hot chocolate at the end. Perfect for ages 3-6.
5 Stars

This book is a Level 3 easy reader, but it has a lot of words. I read it to Christopher, and it was another fun non-fiction book. It chronicled the history of ice cream. Sadly, not as much is known about the exact origins of ice cream, but the book was still very interesting. It was broken down into chapters, but we read the whole thing in one sitting. I think we both enjoyed it, especially the parts about the presidents and about favorite ice cream flavors.
4 Stars

What books have been read in your house recently?

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