Month in Review: November 2016

November flew by in an election haze and then the frenzy of Thanksgiving in FL. I was in shock yesterday when I said the date for the first time. How is it December already?

– I finished 15 books (5 paper, 4 Kindle, 6 audio) – including 3 re-reads.

– I continued eating Whole 30, and I lost 3 more pounds…until Thanksgiving. Earlier in the month I stuck with my 1 cheat meal per week, but then over Thanksgiving I had beer and pizza and stuffing and BW3s three days in a row. When I came back home I’d gained back the 3 pounds. Thankfully by this morning, I’d lost them again.
– I went to kickboxing 3 times this month, but no other classes at the gym.

– I submitted my Book Club column for Country Woman April/May 2017. Woohoo! And now I’m reading beachy books for consideration for June/July.

– We attended my nephew’s choir contest when he had a rocking beat box solo!

Me, Christopher, Ben (our nephew), and Jim

– We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Florida with my family. The weather was perfect, so we got a lot of beach time and swim time in. Christopher had a great time with his cousins, and it was nice for me to hang out with my mom and sister.

My family on the beach in Nokomis, FL 

– I had dinner with a former coworker and caught up on the last couple of years.
– We went ice skating as a family. Christopher has been begging to go again since his field trip with camp this summer.

Jim and Christopher ice skating

– My girlfriends and I went to see The Edge of Seventeen and indulged in some pumpkin cheesecake!
– We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was probably a mistake to take Christopher with us because it was rather slow and adult, but Jim and I enjoyed it. We didn’t love it, but it was a decent movie.
– We hosted our monthly game night with friends.
– My friend Sarah and I went to see Marissa Meyer speak about Heartless!

Sarah and I with our copies of Heartless before seeing Marissa Meyer

– Jim and I have not recovered from the election results. I’m in denial. He’s just angry. We’ve been donating money to worthy causes, sharing hopeful news on Facebook, and he even attended a anti-Trump meeting in Milwaukee. It’s been a rough couple of weeks.
– Christopher participated in a Fun Run fundraiser at school. He was SUPER enthusiastic about it. He called all of his relatives and checked his pledge site every morning for a week. He won a ton of prizes and had an absolute blast at the run.

Christopher at the Boosterthon Fun Run at his school.

Even though I’m almost finished my Christmas shopping, I’m not ready for the holiday. We have Christmas events starting tomorrow, but the thought of getting out our decorations is making me cringe a little. I’m not a huge Christmas fan. I never have been. Thanksgiving has always been more my speed. I love traditions and family. I can do without the greed and the overplayed music. Call me Scrooge, but aside from the gift giving, I’d like to skip right to January.

How was your November? Are you embracing the December insanity?

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun November, especially a nice, warm Thanksgiving in Florida! It's so fun to be able to spend time with family during the holidays. I love Christmas. It's probably my favorite holiday. But I agree that the greediness has become way too much. It would be much better if it just focused on the reason Christmas existed in the first place. šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Julie. We did have a great time with family. There's a lot of drama at Christmas too with my husbands family and plans changing year to year, so that spoils the holiday for me as well. We've had a good time decorating our tree, baking cookies, and seeing a Christmas play so far though. Merry Christmas to you!

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