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We’ve known since we bought our house in 2012 that we wanted to replace the siding. It was cedar siding before that needed to be painted every 4 years or so, and for the past two summers we’d been putting it off because I really wanted to replace it with vinyl siding. I didn’t want to ever have to do anything to it again.

And we really wanted to change the color. Our house was SO boring before. Cream on cream. No contrast. Jim’s friends used to call it the “flesh house” because it was all flesh tone. With the light brown color of the roof, we didn’t feel like we had too many options for a new color.

I had always loved the blue house next door to ours in our old neighborhood, and when I mentioned that color to my aunt (bemoaning that we really should have a black roof to go with blue siding), she said something so profound. She asked me what color shoes I where with navy pants. When I answered that I would wear brown shoes, she proved her point. Blue goes with brown, not black.

We met with a siding company at the end of the summer, and we selected Regatta Blue as the color. Because of the window trim and the garage door, we decided to just leave the accent color cream. I was a little bit nervous about the colors as well as the style. We chose a 6-inch siding, the same as the size of the cedar siding we removed.

When I saw the initial images from Jim the first day, I was really nervous. The blue came through lighter than I was expecting, and the “boards” seemed so thin. I actually went to see The Edge of Seventeen with my girlfriends that night, and the character in the movie lives in a gorgeous blue house. I was so distracted by that house and my concern about our house through the whole thing.

When I got home, it was too dark to see the siding, but when I looked in the morning, I realized that I had nothing to worry about. In person the color was perfect! And I drove by a house near ours that we’d modeled the siding style after, and I saw that it matched my expectations after all.

It took about 2 weeks for them to finish the whole house, and it’s still a little surprising to see our same house in blue. But both Jim and I LOVE it! We’ll be paying it off for the next 6 months, but I know my happiness won’t have faded by that time. And knowing that the exterior of our house doesn’t need to be addressed ever again (or at least until we need a new roof) is so comforting.

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