Month in Review: October 2016

November has been busy so far, and I didn’t get to reflect on October until last night. I am drowning in children’s books for Cybils, and I forgot about this post for a while.

– I finished 14 books (4 paper, 4 Kindle, 6 audio) – including 3 re-reads and 1 novella.

– I continued eating Whole 30, and I lost 3 more pounds. I did cheat and have 2 slices of frozen pizza on October 30th before Trick or Treat because we came back from a weekend away, and we had no food in the house. But I didn’t eat any candy, and I continued with Whole 30 the next morning.
– I went to kickboxing twice, and I ran a 5K with some friends.

– I was asked to write the books column for Country Woman magazine.
– My team hosted a Publishing Technologies convention, and we had a super fun cake decorating contest. My team didn’t win, but I was pretty happy with how our cake turned out.

– Christopher had a long weekend at the beginning of the month, and we went to visit my sister since Jim was still in Europe. We had to adjust our plans at the last minute to go to my aunt’s funeral as well, but it meant seeing more family, which ended up being a blessing.

– We also traveled to Baltimore at the end of the month for my grandfather’s 90th birthday party. That meant more family. It was a quick trip, but we had a great time.

– We celebrated Christopher’s half birthday.
– We went to a pumpkin farm with some friends. Sadly, 2 of our pumpkins were rotted when we tried to carve them on October 30th.

– We went Trick or Treating with friends, and Christopher lasted 2.5 hours. The last hour he was on rollerskates!

– Soccer finished. Yay!
– Christopher started taking Tae Kwon Do at the Y, and it’s on Wednesday nights, so Jim’s been taking him while I’m busy with other things.
– Christopher also started a Mad Science class at school, and he’s enjoying the science so much that we did some experiments at home.

October flew by. It was very busy, but we’re happy to have Jim home and not be traveling until Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving…I love November! It’s my favorite time of year.

How was your month? What do you have going on in November?

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