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Happy Thanksgiving! You may remember from last year that my family has a tradition of painting our handprints on the table cloth each year and writing 5 things we’re thankful for. I don’t have a picture of my handprint yet because I’m writing this post in advance, but here is my list.

5 Things I’m Thankful for 

My New Job

I started working at Trusted Media Brands in the Publishing Technologies department in July. I got into the company using my IT background, and now in addition to my technology projects, I am writing the Book Club column for Country Woman magazine. The environment is very creative, and the people are all so positive and great to work with. Seriously, I’ve never worked anywhere where no one complained about the company. I haven’t heard anything negative about leadership in the 5 months I’ve been working there.

Christopher’s Teacher

1st grade has been a completely different experience than kindergarten. Christopher has only gotten in trouble a handful of times. I am SO thankful not to be struggling as much as we were for the last 2 years. Jim and I both know that it’s 100% because of the teacher Christopher has this year. She sees all of the good in him. She appreciates his intelligence and his questions and his leadership capabilities. She gives him a lot of positive feedback and coaching, and he’s receptive to it because he respects her and because she is nice to him. It’s been so wonderful.

Bernie Sanders

The last few weeks have been hard. The election did not turn out the way I was hoping, and I am very fearful for where our country is heading. But…I am very thankful that Bernie Sanders has not given up hope. I am following him closely on Twitter and Facebook and trying to understand what we can do to prevent Trump from doing too much harm. You all know how much I wanted Bernie Sanders to be our president, but I am glad he hasn’t faded into the background and that he is continuing to spread his message of revolution and inspire people to work for change.

Southwest Companion Pass

By some fluke (I swear we didn’t meet the requirements to earn it) Jim ended up with a Southwest companion pass for 2016, and it has been amazing. We have seen my family a lot more this year because either Christopher or I was able to fly for free anytime Jim flew somewhere on Southwest. We’ll be taking our last trip with the companion pass over Christmas break, and I’m so happy we were able to squeeze one my trip in before it runs out at the end of the year.


After the many doors that have been opened to me this year because of my love of reading, I am thankful for books. They are the perfect escape, the perfect rest for my stressed and weary mind, the perfect way for me to relax when I just need a little time to myself. Reading is truly my favorite pastime, and I am always thankful that there are so many books available for me to read.

Note: This year I decided to go for some non-traditional things for my list, but it goes without saying that I am thankful for my family, friends, food, shelter, and all of the other necessities that I am fortunate enough to have in my life.

My handprint and thankful list from 2015.

What are you thankful for?

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