Cybils Board Books – Batch 2

My library only had 22 of the 41 nominated board books. Percentage-wise that’s significantly less than the nominated fiction picture books. I wonder why.

Here are 10 more board book nominations for Cybils.

Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A Book of Opposites by Janee Trasler

This book is lyrical and silly, but as far as a book of opposites, it’s not the greatest. It has some opposites included in the story, but it’s not a clear and concise list of opposites. I’d recommend it for older toddlers (ages 2-4) versus the typical board book ages of 0-3. The chickies in the story are getting ready to have their pictures taken, and some craziness ensues.

3 stars

Two Long Ears by Jacob A. Boehne

This book counts from 1 to 10 using different types of “body art.” I have to say the picture on the cover is a little creepy to me. All of the pictures in the book relate to piercings, tattoos, and platted earlobes. Call me judgemental, but it wasn’t really for me. I guess it could be good for helping kids understand diversity.

2 stars

Shhh! I’m Sleeping by Dorothee de Monfried

This story is cute and funny. There are two 4-bed bunk beds in a room, and no one can sleep except Popov, who is snoring away. The other animals ask each other for help and move around as they whisper in the dark. When Popov wakes up well rested in the morning, he wonders where everyone is. He finds them all asleep in one of the top most bunks where Misha has read them all a story. This book introduces the concept of speech bubbles, and kids will enjoy tracking the animals’ movements around the room.

4 stars

Leo Can Swim by Anna McQuinn

This book isn’t a true board book. It has card stock pages, so it’s best for ages 2-4. Leo loves to swim, and his daddy is taking him to swim lessons. This book walks through all of the activities in a parent and child swim lesson. It’s a perfect read for before taking your own child to swim lessons. The illustrations were fun and the text was simple, and it will help kids know what to expect.

4 stars

Dinosaur Dance! by Sandra Boynton

This book is classic Sandra Boynton. It’s full of fun noises and rhyming phrases. The dinosaurs all do their own dances until everyone wants to try the tiny, nameless dino’s cha cha cha. It’s really fun and quick and short. Kids will love this one, and parents won’t mind reading it again and again.

4 stars

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering! by Ruth Spiro

This book breaks down the science of flight and space travel to its very basic elements and explains how birds fly, how airplanes fly, and how rockets can blast off into space. I love how simplified things are so that even the tiniest children can begin to understand. I love how this series makes science accessible to small children. I wish I’d had this series when my son was younger.

5 stars

Black Cat & White Cat by Claire Garralon

I like the illustrations in this book. They really make the story. Black cats only live in white houses, and white cats only live in black houses, so when Black Cat visits White Cat, he disappears. They need to find somewhere else to meet, so they can find each other to play. They end up in a colorful place. It’s strange, but cute, and visually fun.

3 stars

This Little Explorer: A Pioneer Primer by Joan Holub

This book has cute little rhymes about many of the famous explorers from Christopher Columbus to Amelia Earhart to Neil Armstrong. There is also additional information about each person that can be read as children get older. Many additional explorers are listed at the back of the book as well. It’s a great resource for adventurous little ones.

4 stars

Everyone is Yawning by Anita Bijsterbosch

This cardstock book with lifting flaps shows everyone yawning from the pig to the hippo to the little child. Everyone is showing how sleepy they are by their big yawns. In the end, everyone goes to sleep. This is a great bedtime book for kids ages 2-4.

4 stars

I’m Grumpy by Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm

Rain cloud is grumpy because he’s dropped his ice cream off the cone. Sunny the sun tries to cheer him up, but it only makes him grumpy. But when he goes, “Kaboom,” and scares Sunny away, he feels even worse. He gives her a flower to say he’s sorry, and then they both feel better. Written as a comic book, this book is a cute introduction to that style of writing.

3 stars

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