Book Review: Little Shaq: Star of the Week

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Published on October 1, 2016
Goodreads Summary:
When Little Shaq and his cousin Barry accidentally break their favorite video game, they need to find a way to replace it. That’s when Little Shaq’s science project inspires a solution: a gardening business. They can water their neighbors’ gardens to raise money for a new game! Little Shaq and Barry make a great team both on and off the basketball court, but will their business be as successful as they hoped?

My Review:
Little Shaq is excited to be the star of the week at school because he’ll get to have show and tell on Friday. He’s been planning all of the things he wants to show his classmates. His teacher finally picked him to be the star because he’s helpful and loves school. That week is also a pet expo at the rec center. Little Shaq hopes that if he can show his parents that he’s responsible enough to care for the class pet bunny over the weekend (another Star of the Week responsibility) that they’ll let him get a cat.
Throughout the book Little Shaq does indeed exhibit great responsibility and excellent problem solving. He struggles with some of the Star of the Week duties at first – taking attendance is harder than he though and dividing the snacks fairly isn’t easy. He thinks up great solutions for both of those problems, and he does a good job caring for the bunny after a small mishap. In the end, his parents surprise him with a kitten named Tiger.
This book is very relatable for children ages 6-8, and the text is perfect for that reading level. The book is divided into 3 chapters that tell one continuous story, and although this book is part of a series, it does not need to be read sequentially. There is no carry over between the books, other than the characters. I really love this series, and I cannot wait to read this book with my son.

My Rating: 5 Stars

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