6 Slick Presidential Election Picture Books

Next Tuesday is the general election. I almost can’t believe the time is almost upon us. I don’t want to get political today, but I did want to share some fun picture books about voting and presidential elections.

Presidential Election Picture Books

Monster Needs Your Vote by Paul Czajak

In this book a little boy is helping a young monster who wants to run for president. This book helps explain that presidents need a platform to run on. They need to have ideas that other people get behind and make them want to vote for that person. It also explains some of the requirements of being a president (must be 35 years old) and for voting (must be 18 years old). The illustrations are adorable.

Ages 4-8

If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier

In this book a boy is outlining all of the things that he’d do if he ran for president. It does a great job of outlining the political process – caucuses, primaries, conventions, election day, the inauguration. It’s pretty involved, so it’s definitely geared towards older audiences. It is a great resource for helping kids understand all aspects of the presidential election process.

Ages 8-10

Vote for Me! by Ben Clanton

This book is perfect for parents who are fed up with the arguing between candidates. Donkey and Elephant are both running for president, and they’re trying to convince the reader to vote for them. They spend some time talking about their platforms, like free candy, but they also sling a lot of insults towards each other. It’s a humorous way to introduce the political parties to older kids. The outcome of the election is a little unexpected.

Ages 6-10

Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

Grace Campbell is shocked to learn that no women have been president, so she decides that she will be president when she grows up. In the meantime she takes on Thomas Cobb for class president. I think this book is especially relevant this election season. This book illustrates the campaign process, with both Grace and Thomas coming up with slogans and giving speeches. It also simplifies the electoral process in a way that kids can understand.

Ages 5-9

Voting in Elections by Terri DeGezelle

This book is nonfiction, but it breaks down the presidential election process in very digestable chunks. Each page focusing on one element – registering to vote, completing a ballot, or the history of voting. Each topic only has 2-3 sentences, and it’s perfect for kids who want the facts. It takes the fiction books one step further.

Ages 6-10

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Duck is fed up with how Farmer Brown is running the farm, so he holds an election. All of the farm animals vote, and duck wins. Then he realizes being the leader of the farm is hard work, so he moves on to running for governor. Then eventually he runs for president. This book is kind of silly, but it’s still a fun way to introduce elections to younger kids. Similar to Grace for President, some elements of campaigning are addressed informally in this story.

Ages 4-7

What’s your favorite presidential election book?

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