The Struggle of Modern Motherhood: Trying to Do It All

Here’s how my day went yesterday:

  • I left for work 15 minutes later than I planned to because the kitchen was such a mess in the morning that I had to unload and reload the dishwasher before there was enough counter space to make dinner in the crock pot. 
  • Then all day at work I shuffled from meeting to meeting trying to squeeze in calls to the doctor’s office and finishing off my ebook, so I could write a book review of it at night.
  • When I got home from work, I frantically compiled my committee updates for the Home & School (think PTA) executive board meeting at school at 6 PM.
  • Then as soon as I finished that, I cooked some vegetables to accompany the turkey breast I’d had cooking in the slow cooker all day. (Thankfully my husband had de-skinned, de-boned, and shredded the turkey earlier in the afternoon because he works from home.)
  • I quickly made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my son for dinner because of course he doesn’t like what I was cooking for my husband and me.
  • I ate a very rushed dinner with my family before dashing out the door for the HSA meeting, and I was still 2 minutes late.

Meanwhile I didn’t get a blog post up for either of my blogs for yesterday. I’m still playing catch up from the incredibly busy weekend we had in which we went to a pumpkin patch, a soccer game, and a Halloween party on Saturday; and I ran a 5K, cleaned up the gardens and re-organized the garage for winter (with Jim’s help), and cooked a bunch of Whole 30 food for the week on Sunday.

I am a modern-day mother. I want to cook healthy foods for myself and my family. I work full time, but I also want to spend time on my passions – reading and blogging. I want to have time to do things with my family. And I volunteer at my son’s school on the Home & School board. I want to do it all. But sadly, I don’t feel like I’m doing a very good job at anything right now.

Because I’ve been eating Whole 30 for the last 55 days, I’ve been cooking almost everything that I’ve been consuming, and that takes A LOT of time. I am now maintaining two blogs instead of one and judging picture books for Cybils, which I love. But again…tons of time. I am working full time at a job that has finally gotten busy after 4 months, so I am *gasp* actually having to work the entire time that I am at work. I really want to go to the gym to work out, but I haven’t managed to do that over the last several months because I am too tired to get up at 5 AM, and I can only squeeze it in on Saturday mornings otherwise.

Lately, I’ve been slacking on my Home & School duties and on reading and blogging, and it sucks. I feel guilty about not pulling my weight for HSA. I don’t want my fellow board members to have to pick up my slack. I hate that I can’t spend as much time as I want to spend reading and writing. And the added stress of having to pick book recommendations for Country Woman magazine isn’t helping even though I am beyond excited about this new opportunity.

So I guess my point is…what’s giving in your life right now? Are you feeling the same desire to do it all? How do you juggle all of the roles you play in your life? I know I am not the only mom who feels this way.

How do you say no to new opportunities that come your way? How do you balance what you WANT to do with what you HAVE to do?

Being a mother/wife/worker/human being is hard work!

On the blog last year…

It’s happening again

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  1. I know what you mean. It can be so hard to balance everything; there really are not enough hours in the day. I don't have the mom duties but I struggle just balancing friendships, my relationship, reading/blogging, and other hobbies I don't spend enough time with. It's SO HARD to do everything I want to do.

  2. Props to you for everything you get done! I'm a stay-at-home mom now (which is really weird to not have a job to go to every day), but I get a fraction of the stuff done that you do. We're lucky if I actually cook supper! There are only so many hours in the day. I guess we just have to use them the best that we can, and let everything else go a little! šŸ™‚

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