Month in Review: September 2016

September was a blur of cooking. Seriously. Whole 30 doesn’t allow anything processed, so I cooked A LOT this month.

– I finished 13 books (6 paper, 2 Kindle, 5 audio) – including 3 re-reads.
– Christopher discovered some new series that he loved, so his reading is really taking off. More to come on that in October.

– Whole 30 went really well. I lost 7 pounds, and my clothes are fitting so much better. I am going to continue into October, and we’ll see how it goes. I already have my meal calendar planned out.

– Christopher started school on September 1st, and it’s going so well. You all know how he struggled last year. He’s like a whole new kid (at school at least). He hasn’t gotten in trouble at all. We got the teacher we wanted, and she has been so good for him.

– Jim went to Prague for a week for his annual engineering conference for work.

– We went on a family bike ride that started off great until Christopher got tired (no gears on his bike) and then complained and struggled the whole ride back to the car.
– Christopher and I went on a couple of playdates.
– I’ve been re-watching Friday Night Lights, which may explain my lower than usual book count this month.
– We got to meet Christopher’s old babysitter’s baby. She was adorable, and Christopher was pretty cute holding her and reading her stories.

– Christopher participated in the Soap Box Derby. He had a fun time, and Jim learned a lot about building a car. They’ll do better next time.

– Christopher was the Star Student of the week, and I got to go with him and see him present to his class. He was so proud to show them some of his stuffed animals, toys/games, chess trophy, soap box derby picture/plaque. It was really fun.

– I have been busy with my duties as V.P. of the Home & School Association at Christopher’s school. The year is off to a good start. We had some new parents attend on general meeting, and our new family breakfast yesterday was very successful.
– Christopher’s soccer games have started. He’ll really enjoying it again this year, although he’s been a little less aggressive with some older 2nd graders on the team. He tends to let them go for the goal. The team is 2-1 so far.

Otherwise we didn’t really do much this month. I can’t really eat out on Whole 30, so I didn’t make a lot of plans for this month. We’ll do more in October.

We’ll be traveling out east twice. I’m really looking forward to seeing family, watching the leaves change color, and figuring out how to eat some pumpkin flavored, Whole 30 compliant food.

How was your month? What do you have planned for October?

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